Pre-employment test is conducted for a person who is looked by the company to be hired for a particular position. Corporations conduct several rounds of interview to screen a candidate and place them. This is required because the quality of the candidate is essential for every position in a company. Only screening can help to understand fitment, and a single wrong hire proves to be very costly for organizations.

Need For Pre Employment Testing

Resumes can be designed professionally, and there are many players to do that job in the market. Hence company cannot rely only on the resume to hire any resource. Therefore the recruitment process includes interview, aptitude test, skill test, cognitive ability assessment test, and pre-employment test. One or many of these test can help to standardize the process and to select the right resource. So every company must follow the process of conducting a pre-employment test before getting the resource on board.

Effective Method for Conducting thePre Employment Test

  1. Screen the resume before you can talk to a candidate for an interview. Once the resume looks ok, you can tell them on the phone and make sure the candidate speaks the language written on the resume.
  2. Then you can conduct a couple of interviews on the phone to know about the technical and the required skills for the job.
  3. It is now essential to meet them face to face to assess their talent with some online test and questions asked across the table.
  4. Conduct pre-employment test to ensure the candidate can fit your job, role, and function.
  5. Design the test based on the candidate’s performance in the interview and do not keep it generalize as it may not be taken seriously. Hence you must design the questions seeking help from online test providers.
  6. Allow the candidate to take the test in a private place and preferably call them to your office or make sure the site in which they take the test do not let them move out till the session is over. This will ensure that they do not search anything from Google.
  7. Frame many questions and let them be scenario-based analysis. Do not keep your test as objective or very generic. Both cannot help you filter the right candidate.
  8. Monitor the time taken by every candidate and compare the results with the time duration as well. Time is a critical factor to understand the seriousness and the ability of the candidate who appeared for the test.
  9. The pre-employment test must be designed in such a way that it covers many topics that the job demands and make sure the candidate is well informed about the same in advance. This will help the candidate to prepare for the test.
  10. Finally, discuss the test result with the candidate and let them know the area of improvement. You may not select the candidate this time but this will create an impression on your company’s professionalism, and you never knowthat the candidate may become a prospective one in the years to come.