Today social media has gained a lot of power. Why not use these powerful media for building your brand? Remember that these media offer you a perfect opportunity to reach out to your potential customers and build your brand just the way you want.

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With that said, it’s also not quite easy to build your brand through social media with so many of them and a heavy competition on each of them. It may seem an unbelievable task to carve out your position on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, with the following easy tips, you will find it achievable.

1. Select Appropriate Networks

It may not be all your fault, if you aren’t getting any traction on a few of the social media platforms you are an active member of. With numerous social media apps already existing as well as new ones coming every day, the temptation to jump into all of them is quite irresistible.

However, remember that not every network is right for your business. It’s your job to find social network platforms that align with the image of your brand. If you fail in that, you will have to struggle a lot for progress.

For example, if you are in steel business, Tumblr is not the right platform for you because it’s targeted mostly towards teens or people in their twenties. So, LinkedIn can be better choices for you.

2. Importance of Visual Branding

Any strategic marketing company will tell you that when you are using social media for your branding process, visuals play an important role. If each of your profiles seems as if owned by a different organization, your users will soon be disconnected with it. Your branding should be consistent across all platforms. This will help your users recognise your company immediately regardless of which site or app they use.

Here are a few tips to make the right use of visual branding for consistency:

Select a Colour Palette: Take the example of Coca Cola. They use their classic red and white colour theme through all social media platforms. And it’s not just the logo. You will find that all their visuals include the color red.

Look at your logo for inspiration. You should get a point where your users associate those colours with your brand. Remember that various colours can influence the way people make out your brand.

Don’t Change Logo/Avatar: Don’t keep changing your avatar on every social platform. The simplest alternative is to use your logo or an image that represents your organisation. Your followers should immediately connect the figure with your business.

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3. Build Your Voice

Your social media posts should reflect the personality of your brand. This is known as developing a social media voice. It’s the way of communication of your brand in Facebook posts, Tweets and Snaps. You may take some time in finding your voice, but once you find it, you’ll settle into it. Consider the following elements to find your voice:

Your Business Culture: Your business culture is what your business stands for, what it is about and what makes it special. For instance, if being innovative and performing to the optimum level is your business culture, using hashtags like #ICAN in your posts will denote your social media voice as a straight reflection of this culture.

Your Users: Speaking in such a way that your users can easily connect to you is very essential. Here a certain lingo and references will be needed that are popular in your target audience.

Genuineness: Always make sure that you are genuine to your brand. Trying to pretend as someone or something else can kill your brand. Talking directly to your target audience is a great branding strategy on social media showing your genuineness.

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