With more than 12 hours a day spent in office and travelling for most of the people, taking steps to become healthy isn’t an option anymore. It’s a necessity. You are sitting continuously now more than ever which is extremely dangerous for your health. Overcome your lethargy and excuses and adopt some steps every day for becoming a fitter you. Besides whatsapp, calling and taking selfies; your phone can be put to a better use by installing the best fitness apps in it. There are tons of fitness apps available today but there are a few that stand out among others owing to their popularity and usefulness. Here are three of them:

1) Lose it

If you are on a weight loss journey, the first step to it is noting down your daily food intake and the exercises you perform in a notebook to keep track of your progress level. But you can’t afford to carry it just anywhere. This is where “Lose it” comes into picture. It combines your food diary and workout journal into one. It will help you create goals, set daily calorie intake and will keep track of your food and exercise. They also create a customized weight loss plan after you give them a little details about your weight and how much you plan to lose in a given time period. It even tells you about how much calories you have burned after doing an exercise. Ensure that you have proper running shoes while exercising to avoid any injury. If you have been avoiding the branded ones, check out the Jabong coupons available on CashKaro.com which will let you get the best deals along with the addition of cash back.

3 Fitness Apps For People On The Go!

2) GoodFoodNearYou

You are on your way to slowly becoming health by eating nutritious food almost every day leaving cheat days. But now you are fretting out because you have to travel for business and you fear you will spoil your diet. But worry not because this app now comes to your rescue! GoodFoodNearYou will recommend healthy food options based on your location so that you don’t have to survive on unhealthy food. It provides a list of dining restaurants, fast-food outlets, convenience stores and grocery stores too. Making health choices while travelling is now easy. Travel in style along with protecting your eyes properly by shopping for sunglasses at heavy discounts. Browse through Rayban sunglasses price list and avail them a lesser value by using exclusive coupons found on CashKaro.com. This app has even awards owing to its fame.

3 Fitness Apps For People On The Go!

3) The Walk

If you give up on running mid-way only and need a bit of motivation to boost yourself, “The walk” app will provide you more than that. It has been created with the NHS and the UK’s department of health. It works on the idea of creative story telling. As you walk, you listen to their story and suddenly they throw in some bits of surprises which compel you to run. In fact, you enjoy running in that time period because you start to feel as a part of that story. The app is prices for $4.99.

4) Calorie Counter

You have been exercising in morning as well as in evening since some months but you can see only a little improvement. If you have been binging on food also, it’s a definite reason why you had little success so far. Taking a good diet along with exercising well is also equally important. If you are walking for an hour and gulping down burgers after it, it’s of little use. It has the largest food database and with their easy calorie counter, you can calculate how many calories you are consuming every day.