Every individual wants to get better at anything they do. This is even true for the pipe tobacco smokers. Pipe tobacco smoking is an art and you may want to learn how to master the art. Check out the following tips and tricks and work towards improving your pipe smoking experience.

Choosing the First Pipe:

Choosing the right pipe is extremely important for the first time pipe smoker. As a beginner, you should not buy a brand new pipe. Instead, you can try with a cheap tobacco pipe. If a cheap pipe doesn’t suit your fancy, then you can go for a branded pipe.

It is important to purchase a couple of different styles of pipe. This will help you understand your comfort level with regard to the pipe type and style. This will help you make an easy decision while purchasing a costly pipe to upgrade your taste in future.

Choosing the First Pipe Tobacco:

Choosing a good pipe tobacco that suits your taste is the most important. The pipe smoking beginners are highly recommended to use an aromatic blend of pipe tobacco for a start.

At first, you need to start with smoking several bowls of same tobacco, since this will give you a good feeling for the taste. You can even mix several tobaccos in the same bowl for a change, but you have to be extra careful in doing so at the beginning.

Newly brought pipe tobaccos are prone to be little wet. Hence, place on a piece of paper or napkin for few minutes before filling your bowl with tobacco.

You should never pinch the pipe tobacco when you are packing your pipe.

Tips for General Pipe Smokers:

These tips are applicable for both new and existing pipe smokers:

While filling up the bowl with tobacco, you need to pack the tobacco very lose at the bottom. Actually your pipe is more like a furnace that will help feeding the flame from the very bottom. If you pack your pipe very tightly at the bottom, it will make it very difficult for the pipe to draw air through the stem or the passage to the bowl.

Remember the draw on your pipe needs to have very little or no resistance. However, you need to make several experiments on it to check what exactly works for you.

Your pipe tobacco may go out while between puffs. This is perfectly normal. You can relight the pipe if your pipe goes out while smoking by any chance. However, in case you need to relight the pipe while smoking, consider dumping a little amount of dust from the bowl. This will improve the pipe smoking experience.

Sometimes, you may find that your pipe is getting little juicy while smoking. One easy way to avoid this is to keep your mouth as dry as possible. You can even consider using a pipe cleaner in order to clean the stem to clear it out.