Looking to restore your old couch and make it new? You may consider furniture reupholstery. Furniture having sentimental value needs to be restored.

  • Investment on re-upholstery can be made as per the value which is attached to the piece. Even if the item is just usual and does not have sentimental value, you may still consider reupholstery to restore the luster and functionality.
  • If the cosy chair you have been using since years has lost its shine and luster, there is no need to get rid of it. The fabric may have got ripped and there can be wear and tear due to years of usage.
  • Whether it is an old chair, a couch, a table, sofa, everything can be restored to its former glory. There are some steps you can follow to reupholster the couch.

4 Steps You Should Follow For Furniture Reupholstery

1. Consider the Inside of The Couch

  • Most of the furniture pieces are reupholstered to restore the looks. Even if the couch looks beaten up by time, it can be revitalized through reupholstering. Most of the couches and home pieces are meant to be reupholstered.
  • An old couch which is tattered, outdated and stained can be restored and given a new look. For reupholstering an old couch, you need to consider the inside of the couch. After you find a couch style suiting your taste, you may find the filling material or fabric and start the work.
  • Before you start reupholstering, do take some pictures of the old couch prior to disassembling.

2. Taking the Couch Apart

When you are ready for taking the couch apart, you can start with the couch upside down in order to remove the fabric. You may also take the couch on its back to remove the fabric. Remove the staple along with the fabric. Do not flip the couch to remove the outside back and the outside arm. If you want the new fabric to have the looks of the old one, you can use the fabric as the template to cut the new one.

3. Consider the Filling of The Couch

Furniture reupholstery comes at a cost as you may be required to change the filling, the outward fabric, and other components. Check out the cushion to learn if the new filling is needed. If a new filling is needed, you can consider high-quality foam which has a long life. The material option is long lasting and it is comfortable as well. For the bottom of the cushion, you can consider using medium density foam while soft density foam for the back of the cushion is just perfect.

4. Use the Photos as Your Guide

So, you are all ready to fit the new couch cover. Use the pictures that you took as your guide. Take a flat surface and cut the fabric as per the dimension of the couch. Make sure you use ½” extra material around the seams of the couch. For the edges that are stapled, add 2-3” more. So, now you have sufficient give while pulling the new fabric over the couch. Sew the seams by using only a heavy-duty machine. That is why it is always better to hire professional upholsterers for doing the entire upholstery in your home.

4 Steps You Should Follow For Furniture Reupholstery

When you attach the fabric, make sure you use a strong and sturdy staple gun. Attach the cover both inside out and you the done with the reupholstery. So, this is precisely the process which you employ to get your upholstery done. Whether you choose leather or cotton, you must choose the washable one, and right size and fitting if you want to give a makeover to your old furniture.