A company’s logo says a lot to its customers even before they purchase their product or service. In many ways, the logo is a valuable form of advertisement. We all get excited when we see the Pepsi logo on a hot day or the famous yellow arches when we’re craving McDonald’s.

4 Things Your Logo Should Say About Your Brand

A lot of thought goes into the making of a logo. This is not surprising, given that each logo has to be relevant to a company, and also says many things about it. If you are deciding on a logo for your brand or thinking about changing it, read on below to find out what a logo should say:

  1. The Company Image

First, a logo should convey the image a company wants to put across. This is somewhat related to the kind of product or service they offer. The mindset of the company’s owners, its workplace atmosphere, and the targeted customer base are also factors to consider.

Hence, logo designers need to consider playful, traditional, geeky-looking logos, as well as those that convey a message. Perhaps the company specializes in delivery, and wants to assure customers of their speed and care. In this case, a few lines symbolizing fast delivery, or an arrow like the FedEx logo is a good idea.

  1. The Target Demographic

One can’t help but notice that when a product is exclusively for females, the logo reflects this. While the fancy frills and pink overload is not usually the go-to method anymore, it’s still a way to announce the target for the company.

For targeting both genders, neutral colors and designs are preferred. Everything about a logo should attract the people in need of what the company puts out.

The color especially is of great importance. Once a logo designer starts to decide on a color, the possibilities are endless. Some colors don’t properly gel in when it comes to certain regions. Other colors, or color combinations, may already be the symbolic property of another company.

For example, there are few chain restaurants who would consider red and yellow or red and white as their significant colors. They are simply too reminiscent of McDonald’s and KFC. At the same time, the red soda can is a Coca-Cola one, and anything else just seem like a knockoff.

  1. The Context Of The Marketing

People see every kind of logo in a certain context or situation. One has to think about where potential customers would see the logo. It may be on park benches, giant billboards, coffee or ice cream cups, or while scrolling through social media.

A marketing manager should think about where customers would see a logo, and design it accordingly. A light-colored logo would obviously not look well on a neon sign. If this is your main form of advertising, a bright, bold, and simple design would be best.

  1. An Open Way To Change

Any logo a company adopts should be open to change. It should not be so hard and fast that it cannot change with the times. The Pepsi logo has seen many changes over the years, and with good reason. Its original logo would probably not cut it in the modern age.

If a logo is too complicated and set in stone, it would not reflect well with the shifting trends. The customers and other stakeholders in the company would not be happy with this.


When people look at a logo, they get a certain feel of the brand’s personality and its values. They then match this with their own preferences, and make decisions accordingly. Hence, the proper kind of logo is an especially important decision for a startup, or any company looking to make a change.

Lastly, a company should make their logo with the idea that it would be the face of their products and services. They should thus not skimp on the resources provided for a logo design. A graphic designer deserves a high pay and the proper artistic freedom.

About Writer: Alison Cerys is a Senior Graphic Designer at a local business. In addition, she also lends his services for students who need dissertation writing help online. As a digital artist, she is known for her outstanding skills in logo design.