With advances in wireless technology, the cloud has certainly been increasing in popularity. While many companies and businesses have started to use cloud technology, some are still in the dark as to what exactly it is and how it can benefit them.

The Cloud Defined

When people talk about the cloud, they are generally referring either to cloud server hosting or the iCloud. The simplest definition for the iCloud is that it is a service that enables users to download files and wirelessly transfer information from one computer device to another. Cloud server hosting works the same way in that it is using virtual servers instead of dedicated servers to host websites.

According to Forbes Magazine, over half of the businesses in the United States are using cloud computing technology. Apple and Microsoft are among those businesses.

1. Disaster Recovery

For those companies who use cloud computing, they no longer need to have a complicated disaster recovery system in place. With cloud technology, providers are responsible for recoveries when disaster strikes. An added bonus is that the recovery times for businesses who use the cloud are reportedly faster than for businesses who use traditional IT.

2. Availability

Employees of companies who use cloud computing can work from virtually anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet. This is an especially huge benefit for those who travel for business or need to work from home.

5 Benefits Of Cloud Server Hosting

3. Organization

Documents and files are better organized when they are all stored in one place on the cloud. This makes it an option for everyone to collaborate easier when working on a particular document. Documents can also be stored easier as back up files and documents are easily recovered.

4. Storage Capabilities

When using cloud computing, businesses no longer have to worry about running out of storage or needing to increase their current amount of storage. There is almost unlimited storage capacity in the cloud.

5. Cost Effective

For companies who choose to use cloud technology, there is no upfront cost involved. Some other expenses that get cut include: having to pay a dedicated IT staff, licensing fees for multiple users, server maintenance and upgrades.

While these are certainly some great benefits for businesses, not every company is ready to jump on board. At one time, security was a huge issue which is why some companies were leery of cloud computing. Another disadvantage might be that cloud computing is completely dependent on having internet access. If the internet is down or running slowly, this affects services.

Is the Cloud for Everyone?

While many businesses are getting into the cloud, others are also finding benefits to cloud computing, especially using iCloud. This enables users to download and share files on all of their Apple products. For businesses and individuals, there are certainly benefits to cloud computing and as more advantages are realized, more people will use the cloud. One thing is for certain, the cloud is here to stay.

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