5 Best Dishes To Have On The Beach

Dishes To Have On The Beach

If you want to have an unforgettable day on the beach, you should think out all the details. Believe you or not, but the food is one of the most important things you should have on the beach. How can you be happy if you are hungry?

Preparing food at home, you can save time and money. This food should be easy to cook, to transport and to move. You may ask: ”What can it be?” There are so many beach dishes, but we decided to shorten your selection with five proper dishes for a beach day.

Whole Fruits and Nuts

Fruits are full of carbohydrates and vitamins, which will bring you a new portion of energy. Nuts are full of proteins and considered to be a building cell element.

Both fruits and nuts are good for your body because they have a number of useful microelements. Just take into account, it would be better not to cut the fruits before visiting a sandy beach. It’s because you will eat whole fruits faster and with a minimal probability of sand ingress. Moreover, whole unpeeled fruits have longer storage life. Try to storage nuts in a dry package to prevent its dampen.

Fruits and nuts are always actual on the beach. Take them as much as you can carry.


Going to the beach with your friends, you will want to surprise them with your culinary delights. Why not cook something sweet? Baking brownies would be a fantastic idea for those, who are buffs of chocolate. Cooking brownies you merge a pie with your favorite chocolate. And you will get brownies (or simply chocolate cookies) in the result. It is important to wrap up the brownies securely to protect them from sand and dust. Eat them right after unpacking. By the way, if you are not a big fan of cooking, you can buy some brownies in a shop…or ask a friend of yours to cook them for you.

Chicken Wrap

Are you the person, who can’t survive any day without meat? If yes, then chicken wrap is the right dish for you to eat on the beach. Fact: it’s better to take a chicken to the beach because it is easier for digestion than the other types of meat.

It’s easy to cook the chicken wrap at home. Just take a pita bread and put inside chicken mixed with vegetables. Don’t forget to add spices to taste. Wrap it with cling film and open on the beach, when you are hungry. Your chicken wrap can make you full in a short time.

Seafood Barbeque

Seafood barbecue is a popular snack for those, who can’t stand any day without fish. This is a dish, which you should get at the beach from fishermen if your beach is on the seaside. It means that your dish will be fresh and hot. There are different types of seafood barbecue with various ingredients, such as fish, shrimps, squid, oysters and so on. Choose only the most delicious ones for satisfying your hunger. Additionally, ask the seller to sprinkle it with lemon juice to enhance the taste. In case, if it’s possible to make a fire on the beach, you can cook your barbeque there. Believe us, it should be even more delicious and enjoyable dish, when it’s cooked by yourself.


Hummus is a dish, which can make you full, but it won’t stuck in your stomach for a long time. It’s a great dish to have between your beach activities. Most probably, you won’t find any hummus around the beach, so it’s recommended to cook it at home. All you need to do it to grind and to mix the following ingredients: chickpeas, garlic, salt, lemon juice, olive oil. It will be the base, where you can add the other foodstuffs, such as paprika, coriander, etc.

We believe you will enjoy your meal!

Remember, that food is important but no less than water. Don’t forget to take at least 2 liters of pure water per a person in addition to your delicious dishes.

I personally loved to enjoy these foods on some of these best beaches in Italy. So, next time you are on a beach vacation, plan to have these delicious foods perfect for eating on a beach vacation.

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