Are a regular internet surfer, do you frequent websites and web portals to outsource for news and updates? If so, have you cared for an insight into how most of these websites appear, there layout, presentation and content orderliness? There are more to explore on the internet than just reading through the contents and exiting the pages.

Research has shown that 70% or regular websites and blogs appear in magazine design. Not just that, other attractively professionally designed layouts. A thorough walk and deep look at some of the sites you visit will help you discover this awesome fact. Even so, after a long and exhaustive research, I have come to realize some of the reasons why this feature is common amongst a good number of top notch websites.

Magazine Designs are Legible

It’s somewhat rare to discover this, that sites built on responsive magazine layouts do not have better content ranking. The special reason for the success of contents on social magazine layout designs is behind the structure. Readers are attracted, they’re enticed, and encouraged to peruse through each text on the lines. Unlike most static unresponsive sites, the contents on magazine layouts are read by information seekers without difficulties.

Lots of Web Traffic

Do you know that websites with magazine layout receive lots of traffic than a few others? First time visitors often turn visiting visitors and soon becoming regular visitors. The success behind loads of traffic could also be traced to the number of news story excerpts that are portrayed on the first page of websites. Giving room for readers to capture the headlines of each news and update in brief and not having to go into the inner pages.

Customized Design

Nowadays, written contents of website does not single-handedly influence a website to success. Other requisites such as images, videos, fabulous color combination, and responsiveness adds to give your site a befitting and inspiring look. If you are lucky to own a fashion site, take a concise look at sites in the likes of and Compare the amazing differences and grab some tips. These sites converts more than 80% of their customers due to the flawless portrayal of the items and clothing materials sold over the platform.

Increased Mobile Conversion

Mobile technology is progressively defeating the battle of who becomes trending tech leader the industry. The reason, being the vast increase in the number of mobile users worldwide. Every website, blog, or portal was developed and launched for one purpose or the other, it could either be to make money, make fame or perhaps to promote a business. Webmasters understands the need for mobile transition, and hence, the need for customization of websites mobile responsiveness. Website mobile responsiveness and magazine design layout helps to increase conversion, for blogs, regular sites and ecommerce websites.

Ease in Development

Magazine layout websites are not so bothersome and time consuming when it comes to development and design. As a developer or designer, all that you need is to set your map on how to achieve you aim, a mental imagery of the layout you intend to develop. And hence, implementing your strategies to achieve your aim in a swift.