With the ongoing advancements in technology, Competition is on high level in the ecommerce sector.  So to be on safe side, online business owners need a smart strategy with  clear priorities and a thoughtful approach to optimisation. E Commerce industry has seen a tremendous growth and success in recent years.

Ecommerce is not just  selling and buying your products and services; it is a smart way to run a business online. It is important for businesses to pay proper attention towards the maintenance and development of their ecommerce websites also.

As an Industry, E Commerce  has completely changed the way goods and services were sold earlier. It has created new advanced platforms for retailers to sell their services and products 24/7  a day from any location. At this stage, making mistakes is something you cannot afford if you are into this fast growing industry.

Here are 5 of the most critical ecommerce mistake you should try your best to avoid.

1.No Roadmap or Goals for Growth

It is hard to believe but it’s true,  more than half of businesses are running without digital marketing strategy, but they are into digital marketing. Not only this, there are approximately 44% of  businesses, with no marketing strategy,  they required to  align their strategy with. This is one of the most critical ecommerce mistakes you should avoid.

2. Lack of Social Media Presence

It is impossible to run an online business in 2017 without using Social Media. Social Media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest works as  veritable lists of services and products, and gives businesses an opportunity to share their favorite products with their followers. Facebook and Instagram are also great promotion platforms that allow people to spread message about your business and your website.Web Marketing Solutions Ensure that you have sharing options available on all your pages.

3.Not Knowing your Target Audience

Whether you run  a business online or offline, it is important to know who are your target audience and  what are their needs and wants. If you have not researched well your target audience and created your own opinions, you will never know what they want or which technologies and sites they mostly use. By having the right information about your customer’s expectations , you can deliver your content to your target audience in a way suitable to them.

4. Lack of quality Images

When it comes to ecommerce, images are the only option people use to evaluate a product . While shopping online  it is impossible for your customers to physically examine a product  before purchasing it.If your page lack  good quality images, then your customers will think twice before purchasing your product. High quality images also builds trust which is the most important factor for any business.

5.Not Providing Customer Service

Good customer Service is very important for every business, even though if your customers  are purchasing online and not talking to the sales representative face to face. It is very important to connect  with your customers to get their feedback and assists them when it is required. Lack of Customer service is the only reason, visitors leave an ecommerce site without purchasing anything.

Ensure that your customers are getting answers of their questions and their problems are being solved by your customer representatives on time.


Whether you have an established or upcoming ecommerce business, avoiding these five deadly mistakes, can help you for steady success and growth in this industry.