Acoustic fencing hire in the UK is a necessity when the sound is just too loud. Many people don’t want to hear the sounds of what’s going on if it doesn’t pertain to them. As such, some kind of acoustic barrier needs to go up in its place. There are five events when it can benefit to hire a company for acoustic fencing as a way of absorbing the sound.

Outdoor Concerts

Outdoor concerts are a great way to spend a day or night, if that’s what you’re there for. What about all of the people who are near where the concert is being held, however? They may be trying to put their kids to bed, take the dog for a walk, or have a romantic dinner at a nearby restaurant. No one should be part of the outdoor concert if they don’t want to be and this is where acoustic fencing may be a necessity. The barriers can be placed at such a pattern that it takes care of the acoustic shadow and blocks a significant amount of sound from the general public.


Festivals can get very rowdy if the organizers are not careful. There may be live music, thousands of people talking at once, and even a radio station broadcasting live. At the various areas where there is a lot of noise, the acoustic fencing can be used to help reduce the sound that travels outside of the festival grounds. The fencing can also be used to ensure that sounds from one area don’t mess with what’s going on in another area, such as having two sound stages going at once.

Construction Zones

A construction zone deals with hammers, jackhammers, and a whole lot of loud construction equipment. Using barriers can be the best solution because it will block the sound so that the neighbours and nearby businesses are not privy to the sounds at all hours of the day and night. The added bonus with the acoustic fencing is that construction can take place earlier in the morning and later at night because they are no longer being a nuisance to the neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Block Parties

If a neighbourhood is going to have a block party, it is ideal for them to explore acoustic fencing hire so they can block the sounds they make from all of the other neighbours. Otherwise, they are going to deal with noise complaints as well as nosy neighbours who want to see what is going on.

Poetry in the Park

“Countrymen, lend me your ears!” When there is poetry (or anything else) going on in the park, it may be read loudly to be able to attract as many people as possible. However, most people go to the park as a way of relaxing. As such, it can be beneficial to call for acoustic fencing hire so that the sound does not travel much past where the event itself is being held. This will make it easier for those who came to the park to relax to do exactly that without having to listen to anything they don’t want to listen to.

The fencing doesn’t take long to set up and it can work even when it is raining, making it versatile throughout the year. Further, the fencing doesn’t have to be purchased. It can be hired for the ability to block out sound from events that come and go.

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