Carry out a web search for a few all important first date fashion tips and you will undoubtedly find yourself looking at thousands of titbits…some more useful than others. But what you’ll also tend to find is that the one thing almost every single one of them has in common is the way in which they were shed by women – just like you. Which is all well and good, but given the fact that the whole idea of putting together the perfect outfit for a first date is to make sure the date goes well, surely it makes sense to take one or two notes from the guys, right?

According to the experts at Outwar this is precisely the kind of logic that tends to go overlooked more often than not. Understandably, it’s not as if any random man you come across is necessarily going to be the perfect guy to advise you on exactly what you should and shouldn’t wear. By contrast, male fashion bloggers and those with an eye for real style and finesse represent fantastic sources of information when it comes to first date fashion ideas.

So diverting attention away from the girls for just a moment, exactly what kind of first date fashion tips do today’s men-in-the-know offer the ladies?

1 – If Possible, Get Changed

Well, the first tip and indeed the most common tip of all is that of changing out of your work clothes, or at least transitioning from office to evening. Of course this isn’t always entirely possible as if your working schedule clashes with your date plans, heading home for a shower and a full outfit transformation probably isn’t going to happen. As for the solution therefore, it can be as simple as taking along a few essential bits and pieces to work with you, adding a touch of casual elegance to your outfit in general and that all important evening fragrance.

2 – Don’t Overdo It

In terms of where to draw the line effort-wise, guys tend to suggest that the best thing to do is think about that hideously pretentious hipster wearing indoor sunglasses, a scarf in the middle of summer and sporting completely over-the-top facial hair – and then to picture the female equivalent. It’s basically a case of avoiding extremes – you don’t want to look like you spent the last two weeks preparing yourself, but at the same time you don’t want to look as if you made no effort whatsoever. The key in this case therefore being to do exactly that – put in the effort, but don’t overdo it.

3 – Express Your Style

Something else guys seem to agree on is the way in which, if you have a particular personal style or follow any given style/fashion trend in general, you should be sure to express this at least to a modest extent. The idea being not to tone things down or indeed exaggerate things to such an extent that you end up masking out what it is that makes you who you really are. So while you might want to err on the conservative side if you really are a completely outrageous dresser, be careful not to cover up who you really are.

4 – Watch the Weather

When it comes to immediate turn-offs, there’s apparently very little that does the job better than women show up for a first date dressed in outfits completely unsuitable for the weather or occasion. The perfect example being that of wearing barely enough material to cover a postage stamp when the temperature is -5°, or insisting on wearing stiletto heels you simply cannot walk in when there’s an inch of snow on the ground. The long and short of it being that if you’ve clearly focused more on trying to look the part rather than looking after your own basic comfort, it will be difficult for anyone to take you seriously.

5 – Watch the Hemline

Last but not least, the subject of mini skirts seems to split the general population right down the middle, but the majority of men tend to agree that a somewhat ‘daring’ hemline smacks pretty hard of a girl that’s trying too hard. It’s not to say that mini skirts can’t be reservedly sexy and if they happen to be a part of your standard wardrobe, go for it. By contrast, if you’re thinking of going super-mini just for the sake of impressing your date, you might want to think twice.


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