One of the questions debated again and again through the decades involves the difference between “good” players at the casino and “bad” players at the casino. Some would argue that there are players who are lucky while others insist that these players are more knowledgeable and prepared, which makes them “good.” There are people who understand that some casino players are “bad” but opinions differ on what causes them to lose more often than they win.

However, there are a few habits that you can develop that will lead to more enjoyment of your casino experience and may even put a few more coins in your account.

The Basics

Habit #1: One factor influencing the outcome of any casino game is patience or, in the case of the “bad” player, lack of patience. Remember, the casino will be there for a long time so there is no need to rush to start or hurry through your game. Successful players are relaxed, almost leisurely. They take breaks when they feel that they need them and let the game come to them, so to speak.

Habit #2: Another key element to casino success is game choice. If you like to play the slot machines, devote time to learning about this specific form of gaming. For example, if you’re playing at your favourite online casino and you are offered free spins, use them. You can try out the website or a new game without depositing cash. This is a win for you! You’re getting an education without paying for it. Keep your eyes open for new offers and for free-spin offers from casinos trying to attract you back after some time away.

Habit #3: This is closely associated with patience and discipline. If you’re going to gamble, you’re going to lose, probably more often than not. If you expect to win at every session and get angry when you don’t win, you may be one of those “bad” players mentioned earlier. The odds against hitting the “jackpot” or winning the big hand in some form of poker are slim. You have to be realistic and manage your expectations.

Habit #4: Plan your spending before you enter the casino. Bankroll management is more than important; it’s essential. Literally, being able to manage the amount of money that you allocate to your play is the essence of enjoyable gambling. If you have £50 to spend on your pastime, you should be comfortable if you lose that amount. But it’s also important to know when to stop even if you’re winning. Set an amount for that as well.

Habit #5: You should also be flexible and able to adapt while the session is continuing. If you have a certain way of playing that worked in your previous sessions but that method isn’t delivering this time, be prepared to make a slight change. This might be as simple as taking a short break or allowing a few extra seconds between setting the reels in motion on the slot machine. The people who really get into financial trouble as players lose all track of time and reality because they’re in a rut, not a groove.