There is no doubt that Ecommerce is constantly increasing and it is imminent that it will become the preferred manner of trade in the near future. How fast this is going to happen depends on numerous factors. Variety of offer, user friendliness, safety of delivery and especially the quality of service are the most prominent areas that can be improved when current Ecommerce is in question. Here are five key aspects that are often overlooked and that require immediate attention.

Increased Social Media Presence

Attracting customers is one of the most important preconditions for Ecommerce success. The fact that the estimated number of social media users worldwide in 2016 is 2.13 billion clearly hints where your focus should be. Consider various social media selling solutions in order to become more prominent at this ever growing market and expand your business significantly.


You have a website and you are into selling shoes, for example. When someone clicks shoe sales online your shop is on the 23rd page of Google search and the 20th page when Yahoo search is used. This is alarming and there really is no point in maintaining a website and thinking it will attract any new customers. What you need to do is make your site more prominent and visible in online searches and this is just what you need SEO for. Doing it yourself or hiring a professional, each option will surely be worthwhile and the results clearly noticeable.

5 Key Aspects Of Ecommerce That Are Often Overlooked

User Friendly Approach

You would be surprised how unpractical and confusing certain websites may be, making it hard for even an experienced online customer to go from registration to checkout process without problems and dead ends. Hassle free shopping and browsing is one of the key aspects of any Ecommerce and it should be your top priority. A clearly organized store, convenient to get around, with goods categorized and easily approachable and no queuing at the register has been a recipe for success in physical stores around the world for decades. Make sure you apply the same principle in your online store as well.


Credit card payment is a standard when it comes to Ecommerce. However, it should by no means be the only method of payment enabled. There are numerous other options and alternative payments services should be included as well. Debit cards, PayPal, and various local payment methods accepted will surely broaden the number of customers- This is especially true if you plan to attract and keep international customers, making it possible to shop globally and pay locally.

5 Key Aspects Of Ecommerce That Are Often Overlooked

Feedback Importance

Providing services and doing your best to keep your customers satisfied is a sure way of keeping them. In order to be fully aware whether they are pleased with your services and goods, you need to hear from them. Promote feedback activities and make them visible, with agreement from the customers. By all means allow both negative and positive feedback.

Objectivity is the key for improving your business and negative feedback should be seen as an opportunity to improve things that are not functioning perfectly at the moment. Naturally, promoting a positive customer experience will surely benefit your business and help you keep the existing customer base, as well as attract a new one. Never underestimate the benefits of a good feedback and especially the dangers of unaddressed negative one.

A successful Ecommerce requires constant attention and improvements. Novelties offered often distract the owners from fundamental things required for successful operation. By checking and improving all five of these key aspects you are on the safe route of expanding your business.