These games could be slightly old and released a few years ago; but they could still be available in bargain bins, allowing children to have a cheap access to potentially or very violent games.

Mortal Kombat

It is a popular series in consoles and it is undoubtedly a potentially violent game. The original title has spawned a plethora of sequels, as well as a movie and huge fanbase. That game uses real life actors who are mapped onto sprites in the original game. Despite being pixelated, we could get multiple realistic movements. Some of the scenes can be quite violent, especially when Sub Zero uses his special move by ripping someone’s head off and leaves the spine dangling.


It is another old game and released in 1997. With some effort, teenagers could download it on the Internet. It is a generally enjoyable game with rather realistic world physics. It feels like Mad Max on steroids, also in an apocalyptic world where people with cars rule. In the game, we race against others in heavily modified cars through populated areas, industrial sites, deserts and other locations.

In this case, we would be required to destroy the enemy one by one, until we become the only survivor. There’s enough violence in Carmageddon to make it a media scandal. Some countries ban the game completely, making it an absolute classic in the gaming community. There are two sequels of the game that don’t seem to disappoint game lovers.

Thrill Kill

The game was axed two weeks before the official release for Playstation. EA said that it doesn’t want to cause unnecessary troubles by releasing a senselessly violent game. The game was so violent and offensive that no other publishers are willing to sell it. However, the game is available for download for free in some websites.

The premise is simple; four opponents are placed in a room, filled with multiple objects to kill one another. Not only stabbing and slashing; mutilation, dismemberment and sexual moves are included in the game. The character may also make some special moves, such as drinking the blood of the freshly killed opponent. In this game, characters seem to slip to insanity and kill one another without remorse. It won’t be too surprising to see that some younger players will be immersed into the same mindset while playing the game.

Postal 2

It is a ridiculously violent game. In one scene, the character shoves the barrel of the gun to the anus of the cat to make it a silencer. Decapitation is achieved in this game using shovels and other objects. Anthrax can be used as biological weapon to cause target to vomit blood and player would urinate on the victim.


It is probably the most violent game ever. A sentenced criminal was “rescued” and hired by a wealthy Hollywood mogul to butcher local gangs, using various horrific methods. It is banned in various countries and linked to the actual death of Stefan Pakerrah, a 14-year old boy.