In a country like India where healthcare cost is skyrocketing with each passing year, health insurance seems to be the only way of coping up. However, availing the best health insurance is not easy. First, it takes meticulous research to find out the best health insurance policy and secondly, you have to pay for the premium every year to stay protected always. While, comparison is the best way of tracing out the best health insurance in India you also have to look for ways to keep the premiums under your budget. Health insurance companies tend to increase premiums on renewal. Here are some proven ways to save on the premium of your health insurance policy.

health insurance in India

Secure Health Insurance Cover When You are Young

Health insurance companies consider elderly people as more prone to health risks and thus impose higher premiums for them. If you buy health insurance early you will have to pay less premium for the same health insurance policy.

Consider Family Floater Health Insurance Policy

If you plan to buy health insurance to keep your entire family protected you should consider family floater plans that shield the whole family under one plan. Instead of paying premiums for multiple health policies it is better to pay premium for a consolidated coverage that can be shared by all family members. Hence, you should look for best health insurance in India for families to save on your health insurance costs.

Make The Most of Co-Pay Option

Health insurance companies offer a co-pay option to their policyholders which you can use to reduce the premium of your health insurance policy. The higher the amount you choose for co-pay the less will be your payable premium. Providers of best health insurance in India come up with this option to reduce their burden at the time of a claim as you have to pay you chosen co-pay amount at the time of a claim and the health insurance companies take care of the rest of the claim.

Opt for Health Insurance Policy with Longer Tenure

Nowadays, you can avail a health insurance policy that remains valid for two years. Even the providers of best health insurance in India have come up with such policies. The premium for two years is less than what you have to pay on two renewals for the same policy. So, this is a great way of saving on health insurance premium.

Compare Available Health Policies

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to stick to your current health insurance policy for years. Health insurance companies regularly come up with new health covers with enhanced benefits and features for lower premium so you should compare best health insurance in India and secure a quality health cover that costs less and offers more than your existing health insurance policy.

You can grab a cost-effective health insurance policy and can keep the premiums under your affordability if you pay heed to these 5 proven tips.