Is your business’s text message marketing not performing as well as you would like? The problem may lie in your current call to action strategy. But don’t fret. Here are five tips to help you immediately improve your text message call to actions.

Be Direct

You only have so much space to deliver a message via text. Write your message, trim it, let it rest and then trim it again. The more direct you can make each text message, the better. Also, don’t feel as if you must use every allowed character. If the most effective message includes only a few words and a link, then roll with it.

Being direct also means you should opt for shorter, recognizable words rather than more professional language. But, take caution when using acronyms, as not all of your subscribers may be fully versed on text lingo.

Use Action Words

Action words keep the eyes of recipients on your text message and help guide them to action. After you write a text message, re-read it and decide if any of the copy can be reworded in a more actionable manner. By combining direct language with action words, you’ll drive home your message every time.

Add Urgency

According to Best Practices for Creating Compelling SMS Calls to Action, urgency prompts recipients to follow through on a text’s call to action. Adding urgency to your texts can mean different things, from offering a flash sale to announcing a limited quantity product.

While adding urgency to your texts can be effective, it can also backfire if used too often. Customers who are inundated with time sensitive offers often become numb to such messages and, even worse, often unsubscribe from text lists. As such, use this tactic sparingly for full benefit.

Offer an Incentive

Why should a text recipient visit your business this week? If this is the question your text subscribers are asking after reading your texts, it’s time to add more incentive to your messaging. For example, if you recently added new and exciting inventory, tease the product in a text message. Or offer a discount on merchandise that you’d like to move. The more incentive included in your call to action, the better.

Personalize the Message

Customers want to know that your business cares about more than their pocketbook. Show that you care more by personalizing your business’s texts whenever possible. The simple addition of a recipient’s first name can mean the difference between deletion of the text or engagement with it. Personalization can also include segmenting your text lists to better target customer preferences and interests.

Want to improve the payoff of your business’s text message marketing efforts? Start by improving your call to action. From using action words to adding a sense of urgency, just a few tweaks can make the call to actions of your text messages more compelling.