You’ve created a stellar video. Now, what? Don’t let your video production efforts go to waste. Instead, follow these tried and true tips for effectively promoting your video’s content.

Connect your video content with its target audience through social media, email and more.

Use Social Media

A common platform for promoting your video content is social media. If you’ve already established social media presences, share your videos on each social media page. Customize your messages that accompany each video to each social media platform to increase engagement. For example, use relevant hashtags and be brief when sharing a video link on Twitter.

Select Proper Keywords

If you are posting your videos to YouTube or another video sharing site, take care to select proper keywords. For example, if you plan to release a makeup tutorial, research which phrases online audiences are using when searching for that topic. Selecting appropriate keywords helps ensure your video will reach its intended audience and can also help extend the video’s reach.

Tap Your Brand Advocates

Your brand advocates are your most loyal audience members. Tap into the power they hold by sharing your video links directly with them via private message, text or through another platform. By sharing your video links with your brand advocates through personalized messages, you’ll increase the chance that those brand advocates will pass the videos on to their friends and family. Brand advocates could be your employees, frequent customers, or a combination of both.

Consider Size and Quality

According to How to Distribute your Video Content, you may need to customize the size of your video for each video sharing site. Before you post your video online, verify the sizing and quality guidelines of each site. This will ensure the best viewing and listening experiences for the video’s audiences. The last thing you’d want is for your video production efforts to be lost due to sizing inaccuracies.

Use your Email List

Do you maintain an email list? If so, email video links to your subscribers. One effective email tactic is to include video links within sections of email newsletters. By doing this, you’ll be delivering a variety of quality written and visual content to your subscribers. Take care not to email your subscribers too often, as this could lead to a spike in opt-outs. Instead, maintain a consistent email schedule and regularly email your subscribers a variety of high-quality, useful content.

Update your Blog

Another ideal platform for video content is your website’s blog. Video blogs are popular among online users. Also, video blog posts can be great for breaking up strings of written blog posts. Maximize the benefits of this platform by maintaining a blog schedule. A well-rounded blog schedule will keep your posting efforts on track and will prevent your site from going stagnant due to a lack of content. You may also benefit from pitching your videos as guest blog content to established bloggers in your industry.

Don’t let your video production efforts go to waste. Instead, distribute it on social media, ensure the video is correctly tagged and more. These 22 Video Content Marketing Tips will give you even more ideas on how to integrate video into your marketing mix. By going the extra mile with your video promotion efforts, you’ll more effectively connect the content with its target audiences.