To say that TV has evolved over the last one decade is an understatement. From the early days of mechanical television to the rudimentary electronic television experiments in the 1920s, so much has changed that it is inconceivable that at one time, TVs in American homes could be measured by the thousands. Over the last two decades, phenomenal advances in television have led to a more fulfilling experience for modern viewers.

How to Solve TV Blues with Technology

Well, if you feel like you are not getting the best deal in terms of state-of-the-art technology from your provider; it is time to make the switch. According to an American Customer Satisfaction Index in 2014, most viewers complain about the quality of viewing they are buying and if you are among these, you can easily change the situation by leveraging new technology in the industry.

To do this, here are some few features to look for before picking your next TV provider:

  1. Mobile Apps

According to a Pew research Centre Study over 64% of all Americans own a Smartphone. Simply put, more users are experiencing their viewing on the go. Your TV provider must leverage such technology to help you watch your favorite shows just by clicking on an app. This TV technology enables you to access everything on your package on the move. It gets even better considering there is the voice feature which helps you order the show you want and in seconds, you have it on your screen.

  1. Viewing Technology

Television has evolved greatly and if you are not watching high definition (HD) TV today, then you are getting a raw deal. A good provider must offer you multiple HD channels for your enjoyment. What’s more, there are other features that make for scintillating viewing including 3D TV, DVR and all these allow for different ways of using your TV.

  1. Live TV Streaming

The best thing about modern television technology is the fact that it incorporates internet technology. In essence, you can access all your favorite shows online and view them on your HD TV. Whether you are an Empire buff, a Games of Thrones enthusiast or you just adore Haves and Have Nots, you now have a chance to view the latest sampling on your TV.

  1. DVR Recording

Like every avid TV viewer, you have different favorite programs and when they are running at the same time, you have to miss one. Luckily, the best TV providers today offer sophisticated DVRs that enable you record every show at any time and from any room without the need for a separate DVR in all these rooms.

  1. Internet Technology

Other than allowing for live streaming, modern technology now allows you to use internet on your large screen TV. Most providers bundle TV and internet in one package which saves you a lot on costs. You can now check weather updates, sports results and so much more. In fact, there are some providers who don’t require any internet connections for viewing, again highlighting the advances made so far.

Still stuck with your old boring TV provider? It is time to join the fascinating world of modern TV today.