A late start due to a faulty alarm, a traffic jam, a spilled espresso all over your new suit or perhaps the kids have simply driven you to a point of crazy from which you fear there is no return; it is time for a relaxing getaway! A nice soak in a hot tub without the toddler and rubber ducky’s is sounding real good right about now, so let’s prepare for that relaxing getaway.

Shower Curtain

First and foremost accentuate your tub with a curtain that softens your mood. You don’t want a curtain that is too busy or overwhelming with colors or patterns. There is an abundance of choices for bathroom shower curtains, so the possibilities are limitless. Personally, I enjoy the opulence a lace curtain provides; however delicate floral patterns, soft prints or even a pastel pink shower curtain can create that elegance.

Make sure to hang your curtain on an arc shower curtain rod, this will extend your curtain away from the tub and create a larger platform for relaxation.


Essential oils, bubble baths, beads and bath salts come in a wide selection of intoxicating fragrances. Choose a scent that appeals to you. Floral scents such as gardenia or rosehip are soothing. Mango, pear and coconut tickle the senses. Lavender has proven to be calming and a natural aid in a good nights sleep, so this would be a great choice before bedtime.

The Lighting

Soften the lighting, by enjoying your bath by candlelight. Jarred candles sit nicely on the tub’s edge, (being careful of course not to place them too closely to the curtain). You can place candles all over the bathroom or localize them around your tub for a more intimate glow. Pair your candle scents to your essential oil fragrances or create dreamy fragrant combinations. If you have a dimmer on your bathroom overhead light, you may opt to dim the lights on your getaway if candles aren’t your forte.


Music soothes the soul. There is an eclectic selection to choose from; however something soft will better contribute to relaxing your mood. Classical, smooth jazz or your favorite Enya cd, are all excellent choices. You may even enjoy listening to nature sounds such as: raindrops trickling, the ocean or the rainforest. Native American and Asian instrumental tunes are soothing options as well.

Drying Off

After you have soaked your worries away, you will want to dry off with a nice plush towel. Egyptian cotton towels have become increasingly popular over the years, due to their softness and impeccable thread count. They are available in a variety of solid colors, pastels and decorative prints. Choose towels that speak to your style and that compliment your shower curtain and bath rugs.

A personal monogrammed bath robe is an excellent way to wrap yourself in luxury after your relaxing at home spa getaway.

Life gets busy and there is no way to completely avoid stress, carrying out the everyday activities required of us in life. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a relaxing getaway from time to time; my suggestion is at least once a week. Soak in the tub and leave your worries and stress behind.

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