Despite the UK’s crime rates falling to a new record low earlier this year, homeowners should still be keen to secure their properties – none of us know what’s around the corner.

Taking this into account, local police forces frequently advise people on how to deter crime, with burglary prevention methods perhaps being the most popular way of doing so.

As theft remains – and is likely to continue to be – a serious issue, today we’re outlining exactly what some of these techniques are.

You can find five of them below:

  • Security alarm

The last thing that burglars want is to be seen or heard, so installing an alarm is a great way of not granting them their wish. As this system will probably be visible from the exterior of the property, it’s also an effective crime deterrent tool – criminals won’t want to take their chances.

  • Be smart

The old ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ saying doesn’t apply when protecting your home from burglars – instead, modesty is recommended. Try to avoid leaving items that indicate wealth away from plain view. If you own a garage, for instance, then it might be a good idea to park your car in it overnight. Likewise, keep that expensive widescreen television out of sight by ensuring that you close your blinds.

  • Additional lighting

Ever wondered why the majority of crimes occur overnight? Thieves are concealed by darkness and their surroundings are usually less busy, meaning that it’s much easier for them to go unnoticed. Reverse this by purchasing and fitting some external lights to the front and rear of your property. If you fancy going one step further then motion sensor ones always prove to be a brilliant option.

  • Keep things tidy

Random objects, overgrown bushes and overhanging branches all provide intruders with extra spaces to hide. Hiding or trimming these back so that your property’s doors, windows and porches are visible to both neighbours and passers-by is well worth it – the act of doing so should only take a few hours, but could potentially save you a lot of money. In a similar manner to additional lighting, this may well make your property less attractive to thieves.

  • Windows and doors

They may now be manufactured in a variety of designs and colours, but windows and doors are primarily there to protect. With this in mind, it’s crucially important for homeowners to remember to lock theirs whenever they’re not near the area. It’s also vital that all UK-based properties are protected with models that embrace the very best security measures currently on the market, and incorporate such features as multi-point locking and a break-in resistant structure.

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