Each and every time the DVLA makes a change to the way number plates are presented, hundreds of thousands of new personalised number plates combinations become available. Over the years, what started life as a pretty limited bank of options has grown into a library of literally tens of millions of different letter and number combinations the likes of which can be used to spell out or represent largely anything and everything imaginable. And while there’s still every option for those with endless finances to spend more on a private plate than most would be willing to pay for a new home, it’s no longer necessary to pay over the odds for the prestige of going private.

As such, it’s hardly surprising that more motorists than ever before are taking the plunge and going for their very first private plates, though at the same time there will always be those that need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

So, if you’ve found yourself teetering on the fence as of late, here’s a quick look at six arguments in favour of going private:

1 – It’s Incredibly Easy

First and foremost comes the fact that while it used to be a pain in the exhaust pipe to go about the purchase and registration of a private plate, these days it’s as easy as ordering a takeaway. Quite literally in fact as all you need to do is find a site of quality, type in the details of the plate you’re after and hit the button – everything is then handled behind the scenes for you. And in a few weeks or so, the plate is yours to put proudly on your car.

2 – It’s Universally Affordable

Another enormous plus point for private plates these days is the way in which they have never been more affordable. Not just affordable but extremely cheap – it’s perfectly possible to pick up a plate for less than you’d spend on a fancy dinner out for two. This all comes down to the way in which there’s so much more choice on the market than ever before, which in turn allows more people to invest in such plates and thus reduces competition for every last example up for grabs. It’s still unique to you, but it’s cheaper than it’s ever been.

3 – Extraordinary Choice

Speaking of uniqueness, never has it been more possible to come up with something that’s well and truly unique to you and you alone. The reason being that all those annual license plate changes rolled out by the DVLA have brought about quite literally tens of millions of opportunities for private plates covering every imaginable word, abbreviation and general statement imaginable. If you can think it, you can say it using your private plate and rest assured you won’t have to spend a fortune in the process.

4 – Easier Resale

If and when the time should ever come to sell your car, it’s a proven fact that the right private plate can make sure that you get not only as much interest as possible, but also the very best price possible. The reason being that a private plate not only adds a sense of prestige to any vehicle, but it also does a great job of hiding its true age. You’ll of course have to be honest with any buyers that make enquiries, but in terms of attracting enquiries in the first place, you’re almost guaranteed to get more with a private plate on your car.

5 – Profitable Plates

There will always be those instances where a motorist buys a unique license plate for pocket change, only to then go and sell it on a few years or decades down the line for tens of thousands of pounds, maybe more. This all comes down to buying the right plates in accordance with their appeal to other buyers, which of course isn’t the primary concern with most but is still worth thinking about. Choose wisely and you never need to worry about losing a penny on your investment.

6 – Make a Statement

And finally, if you’re the type that likes to make a statement about your own uniqueness and personality in general, there’s really no better way of going about this than with your own private plate. The reason being that there are very few opportunities in life to create and own something that’s 100% unique to you and never to be repeated again – a private plate is yours and yours alone for life.