Basically speaking, your business will grow if you increase sales by attracting and retaining customers. In the modern world, companies are increasingly relying on digital marketing to do all this. Consumers are turning to the Internet to search for products and make purchases. The traditional, brick-and-mortar business model is largely on the way out. Your company is less likely to grow and succeed unless you are online and promoting yourself using digital techniques. Here are several tried and tested digital marketing tactics that will help your company grow:

1.Post Videos

Modern consumers are visually oriented. They are less likely to read long articles to learn about your products and services. Therefore, posting videos on popular sites like YouTube will certainly help you create brand awareness and increase traffic to your website. As a rule, keep these videos short, ideally less than 3 minutes. They should be attractive with nice graphics and easy to read text. If you are including a narration, it should be easy to understand for a global audience. Post one or two videos around the web about your company and it will greatly contribute towards increasing your sales.

2.Publish Customer Reviews

Customers like businesses that are credible and trustworthy. Customers are not going to take your word for the products you are selling. Therefore, don’t hesitate to post customer reviews on your website to create a sense of trust around the products you are offering. Don’t publish harshly negative reviews, or reviews that sound too good to be true. Ask your former customers to genuinely review your company or services, and post them online to improve conversion rates.


3.Organise a Contest on Facebook

If you want to get people to use your products, start a mini competition of Facebook and offer a lucrative prize. For example, baked goods company Pillsbury regularly organises cooking competitions on Facebook.Participants must prepare something using at least one Pillsbury product and post photos or videos of the dish. Likewise, your little company too can increase interest in your products with a social media contest.

4.Improve Backlinks

SEO experts like the Australian-based WME often advise clients to improve their backlinks to increase traffic, and in return, conversion rates. Backlinks are hyperlinks to your company posted on other websites. Having a number of popular sites with high traffic linking back to your site can immensely improve your page rank. If less credible, low-traffic sites, however, are linking back to you, it will hurt your traffic and sales.

5.Get Listed on Google Maps

As mentioned before, customers like companies that are credible. Having a physical address will greatly help your company appear less like a scam. Also, Google now includes a map search in general searches. So if you are a restaurant, when people Google your name or a relevant keyword, your business will appear in the search results along with a map marking your location. Customers will be more likely to visit you if your location is available on Google Maps.

6.Commit to a Cause

Modern customers like conscientious businesses that are dedicated towards a cause like environmental protection, fair trade, or 100% organic. If you want to attract a loyal customer base that will stay with and buy from you for a long time, commit yourself to a cause.


The above techniques will make your company visible to a large pool of customers. Employ one or two suggestions above to increase web traffic, conversion rates and sales profits of your digital business.