Feeling a bit uninspired when you look in your wardrobe? Nothing in there take your fancy?Here are five staple looks certain to excite your fashion-feistiness and have you looking ready for anything.

Wonderful Work Wear

Okay, so when we say work wear, we don’t mean office or business casual or any of that bland nonsense. We’re talking oily, getting your hands dirty work wear that is designed specifically for mechanics, builders, general labourers etc. In case you hadn’t noticed, this is a signature fashion look right now. Designer dungarees, couture boiler suits and luxury lab coats are all featuring heavily on the fashion radar. Take a peek through any glossy fashion or gossip mag and you will see work wear bedecking mannequins, models, divas and darlings over the globe. The key to success lies in skilful choice of accessories. Ditch the oily rags and spanner accessories for sparkly belts, bejewelled pumps and fringed detailing. Dungarees teamed with a lacy camisole beneath beautifully subverts the look, blending toughness and femininity in one super chic combo.

Sneakers with Everything

One of the signature looks to get you noticed this year is the sneakers with everything outfit. No longer satisfied with only wearing sports shoes to the gym, now we wear them with other stuff too. Tennis shoes with ball gowns, baseball boots with a cocktail dress and mini skirts mashed up with trainers. Anything goes. There are many benefits to this trend, not least the extra comfort for our feet which in the past may have been forced into narrow, towering stilettos. Other good news is that the sports shoe designers have been quick to recognise this new trend and are busy turning out some truly beautiful and feisty footwear.

Self Customised Clothing

New printing technology frees us up to be creative and experiment with customising our own clothing. Can’t find exactly the t shirt or hoodie you want in the High Street? Design your own with new direct to garment printing technology and you get a unique, personalised design that totally reflects your style. Perhaps you have a philosophical quote or snappy slogan you’d like to wear emblazoned across your chest? Feisty females can say it like they see it with direct to garment printing technology. Stand out from the crowd with a bespoke piece of wearable art. Ideas to get you started include a baseball cap with a photograph of your pet cat, a t shirt showing an old black and white photo of your Grandparents’ wedding or a call to action such as ‘Buy Me Cake!’ in capital letters.

Shoulder Chic

If you wear a one-shoulder dress at some point this year, not only will you be right on trend, you will look awesome. Red carpets, catwalks and top celebrity events will all be featuring this lopsided look that’s totally fabulous. Be careful to accessorise with items that don’t clutter the look, if in doubt keep it pared down and simple. The one shoulder look can be seen in ball gowns and cocktail dresses as well as casual wear and street fashions. The one-shoulder garment will mark you out as one of those feisty girls who embraces the off-beat and quirky – whilst looking 100 per cent stunning. Result.

Fringe Benefits

A street look that has certainly filtered down from the couture shows is the fringed garment. Whether it’s a subtle piece of detailing on a bolero jacket, cascading down long suede boots or making up the swish and swirl of an elegant skirt, fringing will hit your fashion radar with a force this year. Channel your inner Annie Oakley with fringed cowboy shirts and suede western jackets that will confirm your status as a feisty fashion outlaw.

Ponchos with Punch

Punch above your weight with a poncho packed full of attitude and fun. Leave coats, jackets and other outer-wear at home and wrap yourself in a warming poncho if you want to be at the cutting edge of the fashion front. Declare war on boring silhouettes and sensible mackintoshes, opt instead for the slightly cookie, definitely subversive, perfect poncho. Choose from classic Aztec, double-tiered elegance, structured formality or loose fitting casual – the poncho does it all ways, and so can you. Feisty females keep warm and stylish by picking up the perfect poncho.

Try out any of these six signature looks to confirm your status as a fully-paid up member of the feisty fashionista club. Go on, you know you want to…