The melanin is the core skin pigment responsible for the natural coloration of the skin. People suffering with Vitiligo are affected with the loss of melanin pigmentation as a result of which the skin presents white patches. Vitiligo affects 1% of the world’s population regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. While the condition doesn’t have a direct affect on the health of the person, it does cause a lot of social stress and associated with stigma. This autoimmune disease has been affecting the human race since centuries but subsequently, we have a lot of natural treatment methods. Traditionally, Vitiligo is treated with naturally occurring herbs and extracts with proven results. Even doctors prescribe these natural treatments as a safe method against Vitiligo.

  1. Turmeric and Mustard Oil

One of the most popular ways of treating Vitiligo is application of oil extracts derived from mustard and turmeric. Turmeric and mustard help restore pigmentation, giving the skin its natural color. It is advised that people suffering from the skin condition need to apply about 250 ml of mustard oil mixed with 5 teaspoonful of turmeric daily before bath. The paste needs to dry off on the skin allowing the skin to absorb in the essential oils. For fast results, this is to be repeated two times in a day for a month.

  1. Water Stored in Copper Vessel

Vitiligo treatment takes lot of time to show results. However, the treatment has been traditionally associated with drinking a lot of water which is specifically stored in copper vessels. The vessel here would be responsible for giving off the essential minerals and drinking this water will show results within a month. However, this treatment needs to be complimented with other methods.

  1. Radish Seeds

Radish seeds bring in the essential enzymes responsible for skin darkening/coloration. A paste made out of 50 grams of radish seeds needs to be thickly applied on the affected areas to support regeneration of melanin. This is to be repeated 6 times a month.

  1. Psoralen Seeds

The Psoralen herb has been traditionally used as a skin solution and is an effective natural treatment for Vitiligo too. Administration requires soaking up the seeds for a few days and drying and grinding them up into a paste. This paste needs to be applied everyday for a month until the skin shows improvement.

  1. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves are highly instrumental in natural treatments vitiligo. Fresh basil leaves need to be grinded along with lemon juice and the mixture is to be applied on the skin daily for a month. For best results, the treatment is to be repeated until the skin gets back its pigmentation.

  1. Red Clay and Coconut Oil

Red clay contains a large amount of copper and is usually found along river beds. Application of red clay acts as a catalyst in restoring the melanin pigmentation in the affected parts of the skin. Red clay can also be supported by coconut oil or ginger juice to speed up skin coloration.

The best thing about natural treatment of Vitiligo is that they seldom come with a side effect. Also each of the treatment compliments each other and can be tried in simultaneous to speed up the process.