There are places that allow us to build links for our website. Here are things that we may need to do:

Content creation

In the Internet, content is still king and we could start our link building efforts by researching properly before writing great content. Overall, we may need to write something that’s related to our industry. We may provide reviews about newly released products in the market. Information and entertaining videos can be considered as great content, in fact some YouTube uploaders get millions of dollars for this.

Another good thing to do is creating a list articles. In the end, we should try to become real industry experts. Based on our industry, it is a good idea to make sure we become respected members of the society. After writing the content, we could include some links that are directed towards our primary website:

Try to get listed in reputable directories

It is a good idea to submit our website do DMOZ and we should be able to find niche directories related to our industry. However, we shouldn’t bother getting links from thousands of obscure directories that are nothing more than link farms. In fact, getting our website listed in hundreds of these directories can be considered as a spammy activity. We will be included in reputable directories, only if we have become an authority in the industry.

Try to get linked by educational institutions

Based on our industry, there could be educational institutions that could treat us as a resource. However, this is only possible if we have become real authority in the industry. Our content is valuable enough that it become the source of education material. A good way to do this is to create interesting and easy-to-understand content, based on commonly used textbooks. Our website will become an educational and informational tool that enhances comprehension and understanding on specific topics.

Try to get linked by government websites

It is obvious that only highly reputable websites can get linked by government websites. We could also get linked if we provide charities, obtain government certifications support a government agency or have a deal with an agency. It means that we will need to some offline activities to get ourselves known by government officials for our contributions. Links from .gov websites are really valuable, so, it should worth spending our time.

Article marketing

With article marketing, we should be able to write plenty of entertaining, informative and non-promotional articles directly related to our industry. Within these articles, we should be able to add links that are directed to our website. When these articles are published, we should be able to obtain these links.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging should be a simple way to gain links. Owners of other websites could need quality content that we create. The articles should meet specific quality standards and not re-published in other websites, in return, we will get a link.