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While buying an air conditioner, taking a note of the star labels or star ratings is an important consideration. This helps in determining the overall energy efficiency of the given electrical appliance and in saving big on your monthly energy bills. Here are some of the major pointers that you need to know about the star labels for air conditioners in India:

  1. Capacity: While buying an air conditioner, this is the most important technical specification that you should look out for. In a typical ductless split AC, the usual range of the cooling capacity offered can generally go from 9000 Btu/h to more than 30,000 Btu/h. The total amount of cooling that is needed by the given space is used for determining the overall capacity needed by the air conditioner.
  2. COP (Coefficient of Performance): This value is referred to as the ratio of the given cooling capacity (W) of the air conditioner to the overall power consumption (W). COP =Cooling Capacity (W)/Power Consumption (W) The higher the value of the COP is, the air conditioner is considered to be more efficient. On the usual terms, the value of COP ranges from around 2-4. However, in the recent times, the utilization of the inverter-based compressors in the air conditioners have made the value of the COP go higher than 4.
  3. EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio): This rating system for measuring the efficiency of the air conditioners had been established by the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Unit (ARI) in 1975 for the air conditioner manufacturers towards rating their appliance such that the consultants or consumers are able to determine the cooling efficiency of the given appliance by simply taking a glance at the technical specifications offered. The larger the value of EER, more energy-efficient the air conditioner is considered.
  4. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio): This rating system or ratio is determined by the AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute). This ratio is assumed to be more accurate in comparison to other rating systems as it is able to take into consideration the non-steady state conditions including the startup & shutdown cycles of the particular air conditioners.
  5. HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor): The given ratio is used in determining the overall efficiency of the air source heat pumps appliance. The HSPF ratio is applied to the heating mode through which the total heat that has been used during the whole season which is divided by the consumed energy in Watt-hours. The HSPF ratio of value greater than 8 is considered to be symbolizing an efficient appliance.
  6. Sound or Noise Level: In a typical ductless split AC unit, there tends to be an outdoor & indoor unit. The given set of technical specifications will be stating the noise level in case of both outdoor (condenser) or indoor (evaporator) environments. The lower the value of dBA or noise level is, the quieter the given air conditioning unit is considered. On the basis of the overall capacity, the indoor sound or noise level might go down to below the value of 21 dBA. Similarly, the outdoor noise level can go higher to around 50 dBA.
  7. Energy Star: While buying any air conditioner for your home, it is important to ensure the Energy Star rating of the same. An appliance that comes with this rating determines that the given appliance has been designed towards saving energy and thus, reducing the overall energy bills. Additionally, it also helps in protecting the environment from the overall effects of global warming.

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