House owners hire skips for a variety of reasons.  To de-clutter the house before Christmas, dispose of the renovation waste, wanting to remove lots of garden like dried leaf after the spring season are some of them.

Skip Hiring Services

Skip Hiring Services

How to hire a skip

Hiring a skip is quite a simple process, even more so nowadays with the advent of the internet which allows people to book their skip online. And, more than often not the process is as follows. Book the hiring of your skip from a company by giving them a fix date and time you will allow smooth delivery of your skip at your front doorstep according to your requirement.  You can keep the skip you hired as long as is not filled to the neck. Once your skip is ready for clearance, simply give a call or drop a mail normally 48 hours before you would like your skip to be collected from your house.

Wait and load

Some skip hire Slough businesses offer a special service known as “wait & load” service. This means the skip handed over to you and the officials of that company will there while you load waste in it and then they will take it away before you actually know. This is just right if you heap of waste ready for loading, or you don’t have enough space to keep the skip you ordered for a long period of time.

Permission from state government

If there is no storeroom in your dwelling for the skip, then you would most likely have to place it on the public pavement.  For a skip to be positioned on the public property a permit from the state government is indispensable to avoid unnecessary hassles and fines. In most cases, skip hire agency will help you out to get that permit. Moreover, if the skip placed on the road is the responsibility of the hiring the ship to ensure it has appropriate warnings on it with lights to prevent accidents. These lights are provided (mostly) by skip hire Slough company upon request at the time ordering.

Stuff you can toss in the skip

Owners can fill the skip with pretty much anything, but there is an exception of few hazardous things such as freezers, computer monitors, aerosols, and gas canisters.

Avoid overloading

The skip must not be overloaded, as this may cause problems in picking and loading up the skip in the truck, moreover can be hazardous to motorists and pedestrians, if some waste rolls down on the road.  Therefore, take care of this as an educated citizen.

Available in different sizes

Skips come in several sizes from a mini skip for collecting paper waste to massive size skip for disposing of building waste.

Last but not the least; you need to call the best skip hire company in the town to get the best hassle free experience.  Surf the internet; ask for recommendations from your relative, and friends, those who regularly hire skips.  And, read company customer experience and reviews online before booking the skip.