When you shop for cables in the UK, you’re sure of getting the correctly certified product – and when you do that shopping online you can get amazing deals on delivery and product price. For light industrial and domestic uses, you’ll need an electrical cable supplier who can provide a comprehensive range of BASEC certified cables.

When you’re working with industrial wiring, mains power cables for networks, or cable ducting indoors and outdoors, you need steel wired, armoured cable. This is the agreed standard for these applications, and all of these cables should be able to be embedded in concrete. If you shop from a UK online site, you should be able to get cable which meets these industry standards, and also buy by the metre. That way you get the exact specification and no waste.

Flexible cables are used within home appliances and portable tools. They’re also the right choice for environments where PVC sheathed cable isn’t suitable, such as hot, cold and damp surroundings. Heat resistant cables are also available, and you can get this cable in a range of sizes and both flat and round profiles.

Fire Rated Cables and Panel Wire

You may be working from building specifications that require “fire rated” or “fire proof” cable. You’ll find these cables in fire alarm systems and emergency lights which have to keep operating even within a burning building. Look for Prysmian and Datwyler, the market leaders in these specialist cables.

Tri-rated wiring cable is a flame-retardant cable which can withstand temperatures of 105°C and is designed for use in appliances, switch controls and the instrumentation panels of power switchgear. It’s also used in the internal connectors of rectifier equipment, motor starters and controllers. Tri-rated cable is sometimes referred to as BS6231 Cable or Panel Wire.

A Few Benefits Of Online Electrical Cable Suppliers In The UK

A Full Range of Cables for Every Requirement

When there’s a need to connect cable to equipment that’s used for measurement, control or regulation – for example in production lines, conveyors or linked computers – you’ll need multicore cables that can withstand hostile environments and a degree of mechanical stress.

There are dozens of other types of cable. Full service electrical cable suppliers like discount-electrical.co.uk will have a comprehensive range of cables for alarms, telephones, satellites, TVs, bells and speakers.

Some of these are amazingly robust. Satellite cable, for example, needs to be able to survive underground, while Cat 5E and Cat 6 data cables which link our world together these days have to be high performance to carry the necessary frequencies.

Of course, when you come to use cables you find you need all kinds of accessories. It’s far more convenient to order these along with the cable, whether it’s ties, clips, connectors, joints, sleeves, bands or conduits.

The best choice when it comes to electrical cable suppliers is to choose one with a wide range so that you can find the exact cable for your job, and then look for good delivery terms so that you can get what you need quickly and cheaply.