Wooden Window Blinds can add beauty and elegance to any house effortlessly. Often, the genuine wooden blinds are the best option among different categories as they would last longer. However, there are also faux wooden blinds that are widely available in the market today. But the matter is, be it real wood or not, each part of your house requires regular cleaning. If it is not done habitually and appropriately, you will be compelled to buy new wooden blinds very often. This is never recommended as a worthwhile investment can continue offering the best results and benefits for a long time without any issue. Additionally, you must also maintain it well.

Maintain the Blinds with Regular Cleaning

Before you clean the blinds, try to find stains or marks on the blinds. Remove any stains and sultry areas on the blinds through window spray cleaner and always be certain that it is totally clean and dry.

Another effective, but simple cleaning process is to clean it on your own with the help of a soft cloth. After making certain that you have eliminated the tinges and clammy areas, apply soft cotton gloves to clean any residual grime or dust. The soft cotton gloves or any kind of dust-attractant gloves draw dirt into their surface part and cleans the shades. You can also utilize a cloth dryer sheet, but remember to replace the same after single use. Another option to clean the wooden blinds is to use a vacuum cleaner, but this process should be carried out carefully.

Faux versus Real Wood

Real wooden window blinds last longer than the faux shades because of the wonderful wood treatment technology made by manufacturers. Apart from that, it is simpler to repaint as well as re-stain genuine wooden shades than the faux ones. It lets you experiment with various internal design possibilities and is definitely easier to get a pre-painted real wooden blind for your house if there is no plan of changing the home’s theme now and again.

But one of the problems with real wooden blinds is its incapability to cope with water. Wood may easily sag, shatter, and rot while exposed to damp or moist environment often, so avoid installing wooden blinds in kitchens, restrooms and also laundry room. One can employ faux wooden blinds in such places and use the genuine ones in all living rooms as well as bedrooms to offer a warmer and welcoming appeal.

If the cost of the wooden window blinds seem higher, then buy it at such a time of the year when some retailers offer a certain discount. A number of online stores offer special dicounts and offers at special times during the year. On the other hand, the faux wooden blinds are such, which appear much as a real one and is a little cheaper than the real woods. These may consist of Vinyl, or PVC and sometimes other materials blended with real wood.