BA Technolinks Corp presents flexible recruitment options to its clients by offering a complete assortment of IT employment services. This IT consulting & staffing company is well structured to deliver candidates to places all over USA.

A Guide To The Services Offered BA Techno Links Corp

A number of the IT posts that BA Technolinks Corp fills consist of:

  • CIO / CTO
  • VP / Director
  • Database Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Administrator
  • Business Analyst
  • Systems Architect
  • Architect
  • Networking Engineer
  • QA Specialist
  • Applications Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Help Desk Technicians
  • Tester

BA Technolinks Corp can aid you in delivering systems promptly while not having to increase the number of staff you have by presenting you the services of IT consultants who are highly skilled. The consultants of this company could also offer proficiency in a definite area of your business. They can also supplement your standard personnel.

Direct posting

BA Techno Links helps your business in increasing its staff by providing your business with skilled candidates for permanent IT posts.

Project Solutions

This company has the capacity of managing and delivering full uninterrupted projects for your business by drawing on its leading IT specialists and implementing verified methodologies of project management. The Project Solutions team of this company can lessen your risk and effectively direct your job.


This company has a great number of veteran technical recruiters who are vastly experienced in the screening and recruitment of IT specialists. The company strives to find the finest likely candidates for all hiring requirement that it works. For this it utilizes a screening process that is among the most methodical and wide-ranging ones in the industry. Its starts by devoting a great deal of time in understanding you requirements thoroughly. It subsequently reviews loads of bio data and screens numerous candidates. When BA Techno Links has finish with the screening process it will present you the bio data of some eligible individuals.

The qualification process BA Techno Links includes:

» Interviews conducted over telephone and personally

» Soft-Skills evaluation

» Technical Testing

» Background Checks

» Reference Checks

» Drug Screening

Training services of BA Techno Links

Due to the ever shifting and intricate nature of IT environment your business must stay even with them for fulfilling your objectives. Wondering what more BA Technolinks Corp offers as part of their training service? Here are your answers

  • Wide-ranging assortment of training courses
  • Industry specialists and experience
  • High-tech practical coaching facility
  • Real-time guidelines

The coaching curriculum of BA Techno Links is characterized by

  • Extensive assortment of app development tools & languages
  • Networking
  • Transactional processing
  • Middleware
  • OS
  • Related servers

BA Techno Links boasts of a rich & assorted group of customers who’ve either availed its services / products. Some of its client base consists of:

» Factory Automation

» Banking / Financial

» Insurance

» Utilities

» Human Resources

» E-Commerce

» Social Services

» Market Research

» Corporate Law

» Corporate Strategy

» Legal Services

» Digital Media

With the company offering such a wide range of services, you hardly need to worry about getting just what you want.