Central heating is a very important feature of our homes. Indeed, most homeowners could barely imagine a life without it! It keeps us warm and cosy in the depths of winter, helping to stave off illness and disease. Just imagine for one moment how difficult your life would be without reliable central heating! You might turn to a wood fireplace, but we all know how inefficient they can be when it comes to heating a home. Central heating allows people the freedom to inhabit their home and remain comfortable and warm in every room.

Making Your Heating System More Efficient

It seems that most of us are now concerned with saving energy and saving the environment. Indeed, our electricity bills have increased to the point that seeking other forms of heating and cooling becomes essential. With this goal in mind, many people are now exploring the use of devices like air-source heat pumps.

Air-source heat pumps are one of the latest types of heating and cooling technologies, and with proper installation and planning, they can allow for even large spaces to be atmospherically controlled in an economical way. Because air-source heat pumps use outside air to either cool or warm a space, they are far more economical in the long run. In many cases, buildings designed for air-source heat pumps feature excellent insulation and energy-saving properties.

The Benefits of an Air-source Heat Pump

If you want to save money on your power bills, the really good news is that your existing central heat pump system in West Sussex can often be retrofitted with a brand new air-source heat pump device. The real advantages of these systems are as follows:

  • Affordable: Because they use air from an outside source, they are simply cheaper to run than electric heaters and coolers, including traditional oil boilers and even gas boilers. This makes them a great money-saver for any property owner looking to avoid costly utility bills.
  • Carbon: Reducing our carbon footprint is something that many people are constantly aware of these days. The impact of human activity on our environment can be truly devastating, and it is essential to look for new energy-efficient methods of heating and cooling our homes and other spaces. Air-source heat pumps use less energy than traditional boilers and water-powered central heating units. This means a great reduction in carbon emissions and direct impact on our environment. Indeed, unlike oil, gas, and biomass systems, air-based systems produce no carbon emissions at all, apart from what is generated by the power source.
  • Safer: Some people are worried that their old gas, oil, or combustion systems are unsafe. While there is no general need for worry, the issue is that some of these systems can emit gases, and can be subject to fire and combustion. An air-source system is much safer and will not produce any gases at all.

Isn’t it time that you looked at your utility bills and considered an improvement to your existing central heating system? Devices like air-source heat pumps are energy efficient, help save money, are much safer, and are definitely better for the environment!