Purchasing furniture for your office can be quite an expensive undertaking – and this is especially true when you are just starting out and have a limited budget. You wouldn’t want your office furniture expenses to overtake all your other expenses, would you? This is why it’s particularly important to choose your office furniture wisely and stick to the basic, most essential items (at least at the beginning).

A List Of The Most Essential Furniture You Need For Your Office

So what exactly do you need when it comes to office furniture? Below is a list of the most important office furniture that every office should have.

Desks and Chairs

Needless to say, you need to consider functional, well-designed, and comfortably-made desks and chairs. Whether you have only one employee or an entire team, you need to equip them with the right desks and chairs so they can properly perform their functions. When looking for desks and chairs, you can make it easier on yourself by choosing those with basic designs and styles at first. With regards to desks, you have several options: traditional wood, laminate, and a contemporary design or classic design. The desks you choose should complement the overall design and style of your office, of course. You can also go for desks with drawers or shelves for better storage options for your staff.

The chairs you choose play an integral role in your staff’s productivity as well. If there’s one thing that you need not be stingy about, it is your office chairs. You want your chairs to last for a long time and be comfortable enough for someone to sit on for hours at a time. If you can, opt for chairs with adjustable heights and tilts, casters, and arm support.

Filing Cabinets

Although filing cabinets are not as common today as they were a decade ago, they are still essential for the paperwork you will undoubtedly acquire. Even though we are already in a digital age, there are still plenty of paper or hard copy documents you may need to save, such as receipts and invoices, client records, marketing materials, and more. In order to choose the right type of filing cabinets, you need to determine what kind of paperwork you will need to store, as this will determine the size of the filing cabinets. Filing cabinets come in different sizes, such as letter size, legal paperwork size, and even blueprint size. You can also opt for filing cabinets with additional features, such as locks, casters, and fire-proof material.

Storage Shelves and Cupboards

Storage shelves and cupboards are also essential for any office, especially if you have stocks that you would like to store and retrieve easily. Storage cupboards come in different varieties, but are usually enclosed shelves with one or two doors. If you want, you can opt for storage cupboards which are built in with your other furniture for a more seamless and integrated look. Shelf units, on the other hand, are usually open at the front, sides, and back, which allow your staff to gain frequent and easy access to the materials on the shelves. These are often used for long-term storage for various office equipment and supplies.

Conference Room Furniture

Whether you are planning to have frequent client or staff meetings or not, it would be best for your office to be equipped with conference room or meeting room furniture. If you are on a budget, you can choose to have just basic conference room furniture, such as desks and chairs plus a projection screen, a white board, and an extra table for documents or refreshments. You can even opt for high quality used office furniture, such as that from officefurnituresolutins4u.co.uk, to further save on expenses.