Our canines are like kids to us; they are the one who we treat special. What happens when their mouth  starts smelling faulty? The answer is- Halitosis. It’s a disease of bad dog breath.  Here we give you causes, cure and prevention understand this.

Why does it happen?

  • Similar to  human this might happen to them if they have a dental problem. If there is a plague that is built from saliva, food or bacteria. If not taken care of this the plague could build up and lead to gingivitis, which might further lead to periodontal  diseases which can cause permanent damage.
  • If your canine has a fruity or sweet stink in its mouth odor, it means there are huge chances that it has diabetes. To be sure before going to the doctor you can see if it drinks more water and if the urination is more than usual.
  • Kidney problem is one of the reasons of spoiled smell in your canine’s mouth. If the mouth smells like urine don’t wait any longer immediately consult the veterinarian without any further delay.
  • If your pooch is vomiting along with a foul smell in its mouth and has yellowish eyes or teeth, you can predict that it’s going through a liver issue. It should be taken quite seriously and just like diabetes and kidney issues; this should also be taken to the vet.
  • Other problems could be cancer, gastrointestinal, sinus and so on. None of these diseases should be taken lightly. And should be brought to the veterinarian’s notice as soon as possible.

What should be done if it happens?

  • Some home remedies that might help if there is bad dog breath. Carrots can be boiled or steamed and feed to get rid of the bacteria causing plague, also try to squeeze some lemon in the water that they drink it will help clean its mouth and clear the palate. One can try mints for pets, but don not use human mint sprays in their mouth it’s very harmful to them.  Also, one should take care of their diet and water intake as it is important that they drink a lot of water and eat nutritious  food. Encourage your pets to drink more water, and also, it’s important for you to keep changing their water at least thrice a day.
  • Also, you can add Margosa leaves and coriander to their toothpaste or use it as a mouth freshener.
  • If your canine has diabetes, kidney issues or liver problem the vet would be the right person to guide you. Don’t be late to take them to the doctor regularly and religiously follow whatever instructions are given by the doctor. If it’s because of dental issues, the doctor might just recommend professional cleaning of teeth. And in other cases, proper medication will be provided with the precautions.

How to prevent it from happening?

  • Use a good canine toothpaste for them so that bad dog breath is not there because of the dental issues.
  • Take them for regular checkups and make sure that if any small flaw in health is noticed doctor is consulted without any delay. Being laid back might be dangerous.
  • Feed them food that could be easily digested.
  • Provide them with hard chew toys so that the cleaning of saliva is done naturally.
  • Keep a track on how much does your dog eat and drink the quantity should not be less or more it should be completely average.

Avoid showing your love towards them by feeding them excess. Please never ignore your pet’s health even if you think the issue is tiny.