Microsoft has brought a major shift in its SharePoint platform with moving to the cloud with the SharePoint Online / Microsoft Office 365 Free Trial version. There are more benefits of using the new cloud SharePoint. Your users are no longer limited to just a single network or device. Your teams can easily access your documents, emails, software, intranet, and contacts from any device. They can collaborate, communicate, share information and manage projects better.

Empowering Your Business with SharePoint Online

With the SharePoint Online you get all the powerful features of SharePoint without the need for managing the infrastructure yourself. It provides highly versatile management options, ensuring that you are able to retain control for meeting your organizational compliance requirements. When you deploy it from O365CloudExperts, you will have the confidence that you can enforce data access control policies. You can keep your organization connected and extend established workflows as and when required for propelling growth.

Features & Benefits of SharePoint Online

There are many features and benefits that make Office SharePoint Online such a powerful cloud solution for your business:

  • Multi-Device Availability – You can readily access and take action on your SharePoint newsfeed with the help of mobile apps that can be used on any device.
  • Build Team Sites – Allow your teams to store, collaborate and communicate via team sites. Office 365 SharePoint gives you 10GB baseline storage space. The automatic rights protection and policies help ensure total protection over the resources and data.
  • Total Control – Access admin console for managing policies, capabilities and security of all the features and content. The system ensures minimal downtime thanks to automated server maintenance.
  • Reliable Data Backup – Your business data is hosted on multiple datacenters in different locations with disaster recovery features. The datacenter servers are monitored by Microsoft’s team of experts.
  • Power Your Teams with Social Features – SharePoint Online features 3 unique hubs – Sites, OneDrive and Newsfeed. It has fully-integrated social features related to My Sites.
  • Promote Easy Communication with Community Sites – Allow easier and quicker information sharing between teams. Encourage your teams to communicate, and share expertise and interests on community sites.
  • Subscribe to Project Server add-on – You can subscribe to a Project Server add-on which is different from creating the site using Project template. You can build a new Project Server installation that can be used by you.
  • Document libraries – Documents can be used with the help of the callout feature. It allows you to open and share documents, follow the, view document previews and act from within the callout.

There are many other features that make SharePoint Online such a powerful solution for your business:

  • Develop, install, use and manage apps
  • Instantly create web databases using templates and publish to SharePoint sites
  • Get your SharePoint newsfeed from your devices

Where to Purchase from

Apps4Rent helps in setting up and using SharePoint Designer and other features such as Excel Services and Access Services. They also help in synchronizing your local active Directory and guiding you to get the right SharePoint Apps. When you buy SharePoint Online Plans, it is recommended to purchase from a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP). You can also buy directly from Microsoft but you will not be able to get end-user support from the company. The company doesn’t allow end-user to directly reach them for resolving issues. You can have a single designated IT admin to contact them, and only on a select few issues.

On the other hand, when you buy Office 365 solutions from Apps4Rent, which is a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, you will be getting total end-user support. You will be able to get 24x7x365 assistance for everything – from beginning to end. This includes support during migration, onboarding, deployment and testing via phone calls, emails and live chats. It will also become easier for you to upgrade to SharePoint Standard, Dedicated Servers or Enterprise in the future.