The ancient kingdom of Bahrain, the land of Dilmun, enjoys the privilege of being the world’s oldest merchant trading nation. The people of this island nation are proud of their ancient civilization and rich cultural heritage that still gets to witness at every four corner of the nation. Tiny villages and towns vibrating in their own unique look, dot around in the entire island. The island is not very vast and hence its manageable size encourages better tourism. Bahrain which literarelly means €two seas’, is the archipelago in the Persian Gulf off the coast of the Saudi Arabia More than 90% of Bahrain is dessert with scanty rainfall with severe drought conditions or dust storms. However, it is now getting modernized and suitable for human habitat even in a far better way without compromising on its basic geographical, traditional, cultural and social foundations. Star rated Hotels and restaurants can be seen in the country. Suites in Bahrain hotels are equally good like those of other countries.

Bahrain from Tourism Angle

There are many places of tourist importance in this country through which the true beauty, simplicity and yet modernity of the nation can be taken notice of. Some of such places are as follow: Providing wildlife with the perfect ecosystem has been the agenda behind the establishment of The Al Areen Wildlife Park. The sanctuary was initially established to safeguard Arabian species like the Adax, Oryx and Reem Gazelle. This is a haven for families who would love to explore at leisure, the numerous animal species.

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Al-Areen Wildlife Park- this is house of several species of Gazelle and Oryx that are completely extinct in the wild. The Grand Mosque- also known as Al Fateh Islamic Center enjoys a perfect and distinctive position in terms of popularity among the tourists as its is crowned with the world’s largest fiberglass dome.

Jabel Al Dukhan- this is the highest point in Bahrain and is also called as €mountain of smoke€. Al Jazeer Beach, Karbabad, Bani Jamra Village, Siyadi House and Isa Town are some of the other prominent destinations. The Bahrain National Museum has a royal collection of several artifacts from the kingdom’s history over 9000 years ago. Currency Museum is in the Central Bank of Bahrain

Hotel Stay in Bahrain

Like in other countries Bahrain too features various big or small hotels and restaurants to help the travelers with their lodging needs. It both has ordinary hotels for people with moderate budgets as well as luxury accommodations for people looking for great comfort and luxury. Suites in Bahrain based hotels are well-equipped with several modern amenities and luxurious life style products to help you live large with your high standard of living even when you are outside your home in a foreign country. These suites are prepared taking into consideration all the requirements of the guests for relaxing and enjoying a grand living. Some of the amenities offered include Wi-Fi enabled complexes, spa parlours, and exotic restaurants serving delectable local and international cuisine. So come, Get Pampered with Luxuries of the Suites in Bahrain. Get your Bahrain visa today