Prudential Overall supply is an American company whose headquarters lie in Irvine, California. The company was found for offering uniform and textile laundry service, serving clients with automotive production facilities. The company currently has grown up so big that it serves number of municipal, industrial and service industry companies.

About the Company:

The company was founded by Mr. John.D.Clark, who was the president of the company till 1972 and served as chairman till 1991. Prudential Overall supply enhances a customers’ image at an affordable price rate. It provides premium quality work; career apparel and casual wear which would be enough for your entire organization. It addresses the safety requirements of your company and also facilitates the images of your organization by offering paper products, logo floor mats and wiping towels.

They call themselves to be different and also says that they being different is a benefit for their customers. They challenge their clients to come up and try them, they ask them to see how they have excelled their duties and become a uniform company that meets every requirements and needs of their customers. This company isn’t only a trusted supplier, but also a company that offers quality garments to its customers.

Here Are Some Reasons For What You Should Be Choosing This Company:

  • Clean and Best Quality Material: Prudential overall supply is popular as a leader in the world of reusable textile. They make use of less energy and water to wash the clothes, if compared with the washing process used in household areas. Prudential even work better than “Carbon footprint reduction”, if compared with industry average.
  • Manufacturers of Top Quality: Prudential shares a great reputation in the market and is also known as one the world’s best and leading manufacturers of uniforms, mostly because they only supply their clients with the best quality and branded products.
  • Customer Sales Representative: this “customer sales representative” is the bridge or link between the customers and the company. They are qualified and experienced professionals with supervised and extensive training for manufacturing quality uniforms.
  • Direct Service: The Company owns multiple plants that have the permission to operate independently. The best thing about this is that they are strategically located, such that service can be more efficient and fast.

As always, this company dedicates all their credentials in creating quality garments, such that their customer’s never come up with complaints.