A dri-fit fabric is a polyester fabric that removes sweat from the body and evaporates fast. As the wearer, it will keep you more comfortable and drier as you go on with your outdoor activities. The market has a broad range of dry fit materials from the basic ones to the premium high-performance options.
Why dri fit t shirts are Popular
The main materials in the fabric world could be dri fit and cotton. These are the top two t-shirt materials in the world. The popularity of dri fit materials is on the rise with the popular trend of people getting sportier. Apart from the fashionable element, dri-fit materials are highly functional. These duality features of functionality and highly fashionable make the material a perfect choice for many.
Customizing Dri Fit Shirts
You can customize dri-fit t-shirts for several reasons. You can use them in several events like sports and any other outdoor activities. These t-shirts are popular among corporate apparels, event tees, and class tees. You can also use the dri fit t shirts for food and beverage uniform and corporate retreat. You can customize t shirt printing Singapore to anything for the dri fit T-shirts.
Types of dri fit materials
There are several fabrics for the dri fit t shirt materials. The most common ones include the eyelet material, dry pique material, the cool dri fit material, and the interlock dri fit material. The list is long but the above ones are available for t shirt printing Singapore. Each of them has unique characteristics and it is good to understand them before you make a decision.
The Catalogue for Dri Fit Products
Apart from dri fit t shirts, you can use this material to print a broad range of products. These include t shirts, polo t shirts, out wear, singlets, caps, bags, towels, pants and shorts. You can customize all these products in the ways you wish.
Available T-Shirt Services for Customization
You can use t shirt printing Singapore to make custom-made dri-fit t shirts, silkscreen printing, embroidery, digital heat transfer heating, sublimation printing, and direct to garment printing. It is hood to gain insight on each of them through research.
Factors That Affect the Prices of Dri Fit T Shirts
Several factors dictate the prices of dri fit t shirts. The first one is the type of product because the materials range from cheap to premium ones. The next one is quantity because the more you print the lese the cost per unit. The type of printing also affects because more complex designs that need high-end printing techniques will cost you more. The size of the print dictates the amount of paint use hence defining the price. Another factor that is close to this is the number of locations of the printing on your dri fit t-shirt. All these factors will define the cost of dri fit t shirt printing Singapore. You can talk to several printing firms to see the one that will give you the best dri fit designs at the most competitive prices in the market.