Ever since it started back in 2007, the online shopping site called flipkart has only grown and grown with no signs of slowing down. A site which once just hosted electronics now has not only clothes and shoes to its name but has also collaborated with another very well known shopping site to extend its wings all over India. Over the years Flipkart has done an amazing job of maintaining product quantity and quality and thus customers have always stayed loyal to the online shopping site known for the delivering products the fastest. If one who is ever new to flipkart ever enquires about Flipkart the one thing they will get to know is that flipkart is fast, and thus it is no surprise that at times of utmost need flipkart is chosen over many other online shopping sites.

Facilities offered by Flipkart :

• Wishlist : Flipkart allows you to maintain your own wishlist. Products you have liked but you do not need right now you can save for later. Flipkart saves this information so that when you finally need the product and log into your account flipkart will have your wish list from months ago saved so that you can order the product you had saved immediately without going through the trouble of going through lists and lists of it again.

• Notifications : Once you have signed into the app flipkart keeps giving you notifications during the time of sale or during the time of offers. Just as one gets notified if one gets a new message on Whatsapp, flipkart notifies one if there is an upcoming and hot deal coming up, in time so that the customer, if he/she wants can redeem that offer.

• App only offers : There are certain flipkart offers that are especially for people using the app, and thus customers who have signed up with the app will be notified of certain special offers which they will not get anywhere else and it is from flipkart only.

• Location does not matter : With flipkart location does not matter. It does not matter if one is in the office, in the washroom or half asleep in one’s bedroom, flipkart allows you to order from anywhere and everywhere provided that you prove the correct address for the product to be delivered on. This helps people send surprise gifts to loved ones across the country.

• No limit on choices : Another pro of Flipkart, there is no limit, whether it is of the product you want to buy or of brands. Flipkart makes sure that there is no limit. You can compare and choose from unlimited brands and unlimited sites, which is not possible if you go to a normal store which has only limited number of brands to showcase.

Thus we can see that the advantages of flipkart are endless, and hence it is of no surprise that people nowadays have stopped stepping out of their house to buy necessities