Having access to your business software applications on the go, irrespective of your geographical location can drastically increase the productivity. This concept, which would’ve been considered outrageous a few years ago, has now become a reality thanks to cloud solutions like SharePoint Online and Cloud Desktop. Both these solutions are responsible for bridging the physical limitations as well as reducing overall cost incurred for organizations. Let’s discuss the boons these solutions bestow in detail:

SharePoint Online

Irrespective of the magnitude and nature, SharePoint Online has intrinsic features which can immensely benefit a business. Whether the requirement is storage of data, its remote access or configuring permissions for external collaborators, SharePoint Online provides a one-stop solution for them all.


The first and foremost boon of SharePoint Online is the provision of mobility. Users can collaborate on a variety of content which is all hosted on the securest cloud. This content is available anywhere where an internet connection is available, meaning collaborators can be physically present in different corners of the globe, but still work on the project and access all the data like its residing on their local machines.

Hybrid solutions

If the idea of having sensitive information on cloud doesn’t sound feasible, SharePoint Online presents another solution for just such scenario. A hybrid solution here entails that sensitive information remains on premises whereas the data that is to be collaborated upon on daily basis is moved to the cloud. This doesn’t mean that on-premises data is rendered isolated. On the contrary, SharePoint Online enterprise search allows not only searching content in an efficient manner on the cloud but users can also look up data from on-premises servers. Other salient feature of SharePoint Online is the ability to share network drives through One Drive and personal files.

Cost Control

Last but certainly not least, the most admirable advantage of SharePoint Online is cutting cost. With SharePoint Online deployed, the organization doesn’t need to invest in expensive software user licenses, optimizing third party solution for collaboration and also dispenses with additional security measures. All the data being collaborated upon is encrypted and highly secured. Taking regular backups of sensitive and business critical data, configuring user access levels and keeping track of changes and version control of data is all intrinsically handled.

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Cloud Desktop

In layman terms cloud desktop can be termed as liberation from the confines of using a traditional desktop machine. All the applications and other utilities of the desktop machine are provided to users through a virtualized environment which can be accessed by mobile devices on the go. This is all done without compromising on user convenience.

Cloud desktop offers the following salient boons:

Connect from anywhere

Connecting from anywhere entails connecting to your applications, software and data that you might have on your work machine using a mobile device running any operating system.  This is an ideal solution for an organization whose employees are working remotely in the field. Using cloud desktop liberates them from lugging around a hefty laptop or worrying about leakage of sensitive information as everything is encrypted and resides in the secured cloud.

Upfront cost saving

Going with the traditional server and end user pc model has significant drawbacks. Firstly, expensive hardware needs to be optimized for use. Secondly a dedicated team of IT professionals must be hired on premises for the upkeep of the entire network. With Cloud Desktop, there are no hidden expenses or upfront cost. This makes it ideal for SME’s as well as large multinational corporations.


Another disadvantage of having the traditional on premises server and end user setup, comes to forefront with every upgrade. Everything on the server and end user pc’s including software and hardware has to be upgraded which can cost a lot of money. With Cloud Desktop, the scalability is the responsibility of the solution provider saving a lot of revenue.

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