Bali is an island and province of Indonesia. It is a 95 miles wide island located in the Indian Ocean between the Indonesian islands, Lombok and Java. It is probably the most famous island out of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands. Popular for its pristine beaches and green landscapes dotted with volcanoes, Bali attracts over 2.5 million foreign tourists over a year! The volcanic soil provides a lush landscape of rice terraces, flowers and rainforest canopy. It is strikingly picturesque, expressive and speck-less. It is a break for many from the idyllic beaches of the world which offers various thrilling experiences. Unlike the rest of Indonesia which is predominantly Islamic, Bali is basically a Hindu place where beautiful temples are spread out in the land, lending a sensation of spirituality and other worldliness. Numerous people from the corners of the world relocate to Bali to enjoy the incomprehensible vibe that interpenetrates the fresh air.

Why Bali Attracts Visitors?

The natives of Bali have a different and remarkable culture where music, dance and drama are closely related to each other. Balinese music is based on an instrument known as the Gamelon. Although at first, it sounds strange with its noisy, jangly percussion, it is exciting and enjoyable. Kecak is one of the best known dance forms of the many dance forms in Bali. Tourists enjoy the performances staged be Kecak dancers. Kecak has its roots in local tradition and Indian mythology and is a depiction of The Ramayana. The culture is best appreciated through the arts and foods that the locals share with the visitors. Sun, romance and adventure, this is what Bali stands for. Backpacker or a shoestring budget or a honeymooner, there are enough things to do in Bali to keep everyone happy. Bali’s white beaches are favourite for family holidays. For explorers and adventurers, rafting, cycling, surfing and diving are some of the most coveted things to do in Bali. Also, people fall for Balinese food such as rice served with spicy and pungent vegetables, Bebek Betutu and various forms of seafood dishes.

An Advantage for Real Estate Development

And apart from all these attractions, the growing real estate development in Bali is one such thing that attracts number of people from across the globe to get relocated to Bali. According to a new report, luxury properties in Indonesia are growing faster than anywhere else in the world. In Bali, real estate bali development can be seen pretty much everywhere with old buildings demolished to make way for new commercial properties. And this is why Bali is lately known as the benchmark for unparalleled luxury as villas and homes for full time residential use are available. Bali’s remarkable and high tourist arrivals, healthy economy and shifting of government debt to investment grade are some of the reasons why it is a safe haven for real estate set up. Bali’s real estate development is moving at a high pace which is impossible to overlook. It had to happen because property investment in Indonesia’s islands like Bali and Lombok is simply better than keeping money in the bank!