Due to the high number of cases reported on the lack of regulation in China quality control, it can be tough for foreign companies to enter the market and operate for a long time. While it is safe to say that most Chinese manufacturers meet quality and safety requirements when producing or sourcing their products within China, it is very important that these foreign companies perform due diligence to ensure they get the highest china quality control from their manufacturers.

Basic Process Of Performing China Quality Control With Chinese Manufacturers

  • Pay a Visit to the Manufacturers and see how they Operate

You may have heard nothing but good things about different manufacturers but there are many reasons why you should consider paying a visit to the plants as well. Don’t simply rely on information that is printed on an attractive looking brochure, instead when you visit the Chinese company’s plants and offices, you will be able to see for yourself the exact environment and whether they adhere to straight health regulations.

If your company cannot send you or another individual, then it is possible to hire an external body to perform a complete audit of the manufacturers to ensure they adhere to China quality control regulations.

  • Make sure you know who is Running the Company

China has one of the largest populations in the world of any country and big manufacturers sometimes have up to thousands of employees. That is why before you sign a deal with any Chinese manufacturer, you should first try to understand the hierarchy of the company. Investigate to see who are the key executives who are running the company and see if you can find anything else about them like their history, qualifications, etc.

The more you know about the people who are running the company, the better you will understand whether they are the sort who will always prioritize China quality control standards or not.

  • Monitor the Efficiency of their Manufacturing

Your company should try to send a senior qualified employee who is responsible in overlooking the entire manufacturing process of your line of products. He or she should then be sent to the manufacturing plant to observe whether they are capable of producing high quality products. Some Chinese manufacturers may say they prioritize quality over quantity but in actual fact, they may be lacking the talent, machinery and knowledge to do so!

When moving into China for business, there is definitely potential for success and disaster. Without proper regulation of China quality control, it falls to the company to ensure that they are dealing with the right manufacturers who also share the same views as the company.