Work process can be run and done in hundreds of ways. Every field has its own rules and principles that keep it productive and authentic. Regardless of the kind of job, knowledgeable and skillful workers are always an advantage. Nevertheless, from my point of view, the key element in establishing a successful work process is the relationship between business owners and their employees.

Regular Praises

In my work, I have realized that there are two types of people: those who respond to praises immediately and those who process it the day after the positive feedback. As far as I am concerned, staying positive and supportive about your employees produces much better results than being authoritative and strict. Maybe that works better with my employees because I also like being praised, so I hire employees similar to me.

No Coin Undistributed

Complimenting my workers has been functional in my career, but it has to be accompanied with some more tangible things. Of course, the most natural and appreciated reward is embodied in the form of salary raises. Whenever you see that there are some coins and notes that could be distributed to your employees, never hesitate to do that. As a business owner, I always do my best to let my people know that I need them as much as they need me. By giving them gradual financial rewards, I keep them closer to my work and establish a more personal relationship.

Springboard for Their Downs

Apart from being praised and financially nudged, employees require almost a family-like treatment. You have to follow their mental states and react at once when you notice that they are down. I organize private meetings with my workers on a weekly basis, in which I ask only as much as I feel they want to share. Sometimes they complain about their problems, both work-related ones and private matters. I always try to offer an extra hand if they ask for help. Some other times, they just need my compassion and a sympathetic ear.

Applying their Concepts

One of the most efficient ways of showing your employees that you believe in your workers is implementing their ideas in your business plans. Whenever I have a chance, I throw semiformal brainstorming sessions, in which we talk about various topics, but within the business frame. When you know that you have employed clever and educated staff, you can only enjoy the fruits of your common work. The more ideas from your employees you apply, the more new ones you will get.

Supporting Constant Education

Today no one can stay competitive in any business if they don’t attend trainings. I realized ten years ago than the internetization of the global business market was going to change the way people gather and process information. Due to that, I have set up a course for my employees.  I couldn’t match time for all of them, so I considered recruitment process in outsourcing, meaning that hiring online educator was the best thing to do at the time. In that way, all of my employees could attend classes during weekend, or whenever they found suitable.

The Story of Jeff

Believing in your employees always pays off. Two years ago I hired Jeff. He was smart and devoted to work, but his social skills were rough, i.e. almost nonexistent. However, I set a goal of making him an assertive and open person. I invited him a few times to go for a coffee after work and talked to him in the office, as well. It turned out that bosses in his previous company were terribly aggressive and sadistic, which made him create an emotional shield towards colleagues. After six months with us, he was a completely new person. I mean, we helped him remove the shell and show his true positive character. I was pretty proud of that achievement and I proved once again that appreciation and support work better than condemnation.

For better work results and warmer ambience in your office, endorse your employees (not only on LinkedIn) and you will see how beneficial it will be for your business.