Investment banking is a vast discipline that consists of three main avenues: investment banking division, managing assets, and sales & training. The big investment firms and global banks offer all these services, whereas the smaller investment firms usually focus more on the investment banking division side covering advisory and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) services.

Spectrum Business Ventures, led by Mr. Amit Raizada is a well-known private investment firm, based out of the Kansas City, Missouri. It prefers to invest mainly in the technology sector. They believe in creating long-term value for the customers by acquiring and managing varied business assets.

Various Services Offered by the Investment Firms:

When high net worth individuals and companies seek out a private investment relationship option, they generally look for a financial partner that can give them guidance in the complex dealing related to financing, investing and other areas of asset building and management.  Spectrum Business Ventures and CEO Mr. Amit Raizada, with a dedicated and expert team and proven leadership offer and execute strategic planning advice for managing the assets profitably. The advice and management aspects include the suitable times to make a public offering or on asset management deal.

Investment firm’s product and services comprise the following types of deals:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions – This includes expert advisory on sales, merger-acquisition and purchase of companies for all types of complex merger & acquisition deals.
  • Restructuring – Companies or individuals in distressed financial situations need help in improving the structures of a company to make it more profitable or efficient. Restructuring is an exercise to make the assets more profitable within a limited timeframe.
  • Equity Capital Markets – Investment companies advice on equity and equity-derived products such as IPOs, capital raises, secondary offerings, share capitals etc. to book profits on the existing assets and new investments.
  • Leveraged Finance – A process that involves the issuance of high-yield debt to firms in order to finance acquisitions and other corporate activities is one of the expertises of the private investment firms. Mr. Amit Raizada and his company are involved in the leveraged financing as well.

Benefits of Taking the Services of Investment Firms:

  • Liasoning and relationship building: The main advantage of taking the services of an established investment firm is the benefit of relationships and network that a good investment firm can offer to its clients.
  • Expertise: Private Investment firms provide a platform for investors to build and maintain their investments as they have teams of experienced professionals. These teams offer knowledgeable insights into different investment avenues due to their expertise and many years of experience in this field. They ensure to get the most profitable deals on your assets and investments. It is advisable to take the services of professional investment firms in order to get their insights for best investment option for your money.

Spectrum Business  Ventures is a leading name in the market, known for their expertise and track record. Mr. Amit Raizada, a successful venture capitalist is leading the firm since its inception in 2002.