Digital audit may sound like a daunting task, but it can be broken down into achievable components. The audit could help to determine the digital health of our business. We should be able to analyze the current situation of our business. As an example, whether our business has the ability to handle changes. The digital audit could also determine our offline and online market positions. The audit can be crucial, because we can spot weaknesses in our marketing campaign and business profile. It means that we should be able to establish a marketing strategy based on our strengths and opportunities.

It is important for us to pay attention to our research findings. This should be a useful business exercise and we should be able to find ways to improve our overall marketing situation. Digital audit should allow us to take the bird’s eye view on our own company. We will be able to properly respond with our logic, instead of emotion. We should remember that if we find holes in our business, then we are not alone. Digital audits could find problems in our businesses if it hasn’t been well planned in the past. We also have inconsistent pricing compared with our competitors, also not enough is known about our segments.

Benefits of Digital Audit for Our Company

Digital could reveal a number of problems, such as worrying cash flow and our marketing budget may not enough to meet specific objectives. Customer loyalty, website and brands also need to be continuously improved. We also may not use Internet and other digital tools for sales and other purposes. The team may also don’t have enough IT technical knowledge to achieve specific things. We should consider that these things need to be addressed, especially if we are in a rapidly changing industry. We also need to frequently review our audit to make sure that we are able to achieve specific goals.

After completing our digital audit, we should be able to consider our internal environment. However, this could be achieved only if we know what we want out of our audit process. The process should be meaningful, if we are able to get:

  • Better ROI or return on investment
  • More effective business procedures
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Better insights on the market

We should consider whether the information we have can be used for specific goals. We should consider our current asset to help us decide on things that we could reach. There are also business competency factors and cash flow considerations that we should be aware of.

After conducting the digital audit, we should be able to create target market segments based on consumer demographics and buying behaviour. In this case, we should be able to define an entire group as a collection of people who are likely to become our loyal customers. Digital audit should also allow us to deal with the current marketing environment. We should know whether our business brand can fit into the marketplace as a whole.