These days, vacation almost becomes an essential need in human life in order to maintain their performance in working environment. Scuba diving is an interesting activity to ease your mind and body after tons of workloads. This article will give brief information about several diving places in Indonesia.

Best Places Of Scuba Dive In Indonesia: A Great Stress Reliever

In the following list, we will explain some of the best places of scuba dive in Indonesia that are recommended by travelers. Those are:

  • Banda Islands: this island can be considered as the best secluded diving site in Indonesia. This island is boosting with wonderful reefs of large hard corals, marine creatures of reef fishes and pelagic, sea fans, and sponges. Having a diving experience in Banda Island will bring you to the magnificent sanctuary of Ambon’s marine ecosystems. You can also experience and find secrets that can only be found in this diving site.
  • Wakatobi Islands: this island is situated in Banda Sea, consisting of four smaller islands called Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomea, and Binongki. This place can be considered as one of Indonesia’s top notch diving site. Thanks to its numerous reefs alongside barriers and the rich variety of fishes and corals, the national park is protected, thus creating healthy marine wildlife. Having a vacation in this island will also give contributions to local communities and supports for the national park. This place is still comparatively new, which means it is pretty much still untouched.
  • Pulau Weh: this island is situated in Sumatra and known for its rich and beautiful ecosystem and off-beaten road in contrast to its popular distant sibling Bali, Indonesia. A segment of the island had been granted as protected area by the government of Indonesia to protect all scarce species within the island, whether it is on the land or in the sea. As the location is quite secluded, it creates a better experience of Banda Sea with its natural and vibrant system of reef and marine wildlife.
  • Bangka Belitung Islands: this island, located in Sumatra, provides more than twenty five dive areas that offer rich marine wildlife, promising reef slopes, and stunning soft corals that will fascinate your eyes. Drift diving is also possible in this area with negative entries and large granite formations, and also descending peaks that clings with wonderful corals.
  • Gili and Lombok Island: this neighbor of Bali offers spectacular diving experience with its untouched pinnacles and coral reefs. If you are lucky, you can even see Hammerhead sharks and other marine wildlife. The contours of the ocean, with slopes, drop-offs, and plateaus among stunning corals and highly diverse marine creatures, will give a thrilling experience. Other than diving, you can also simply chill out to relax your body and mind.

Those are some of the popular diving sites in Indonesia that you can visit during your vacation. Each place has their own uniqueness, so it is a good to visit every place. However, if you are short in time and budget, visiting the closest diving sites to your hometown is the best option to relieve your stress.