Krabi Province is a popular destination for tourists from around the world. The place now has its own airport that manages both national and international flights to several prominent places of the world. With a long stretch of magnificent shoreline, lush interiors and abundant opportunities for rock climbing and water sports, it’s obvious why this area is flocked by tourists coming from all parts of the world.

Here are some of the best things you can see and do in Krabi:

Railay Beaches & Caves

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Railay is among the most sought-after beach locations in Thailand. Located around a rocky headland, this island can only be reached by a boat. In just one small island you will find excellent beaches, skyrocketing limestone cliffs, caves and several magnificent viewpoints.

Krabi Islands (Koh Poda, Chicken Island, and a lot more…)

Krabi coastline has around 200 small islands present around it. Most of them are small rock formations that emerge from the sea. Others are bigger, with small white sand coastlines, complex cave systems and coral reefs. Though Koh Poda and Chicken Islands are the most popular, all of the islands of Krabi province are worth a visit.

Thung Teao Natural Park

Krabi is popular for its impressive natural beauty and Thung Teao Natural Park is one place that should have its place in your must visit list. This is an uncommon lowland forest loaded with bio-diversity and complete with crystal lagoons.

Phi Phi Islands

Best Things To See And Do In Krabi


The Phi Phi islands are among the best in Southeast Asia. With just a 45 minute speedboat jaunt or a 90 minute ferry ride from Krabi town, you will reach these picture perfect islands that offer an amazing tropical getaway. The water surrounding these islands is famous for scuba diving.

You will find Klong Thom Hot Springs, located close to the jungles of Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. These hot springs have ancient volcanic chambers as their origins and are known to ease conditions like sciatica and rheumatism.

Khao Khanab Nam

Khao Kanab Nam is a group of two hills that is regarded as the symbol of the province. Found just outside the town of Krabi, it is amazing to see these two prominent structures standing side by side with River Maenam flowing in between them. One hill on the right hand side of the Khao Khanab Nam is worth a visit due to a unique cave it carries.

Koh Lanta and other nearby islands

Koh Lanta is a group of 52 islands with the largest named Koh Lanta Yai. Koh Lanta has been just 70 kms from the Krabi Town. Though the scenic beauty of these islands does not compare with other attractions of Krabi, this island is very peaceful and quiet with few home conveniences present. Unspoiled nature and low profile development are among a few tourist attractions of Koh Lanta.

One of the reasons why people go to Krabi is that it is comparatively untouched and manages to retain its charm. From basic coastline cottages to extravagant first-class mega-resorts, lodging alternatives are broad and flexible. In addition to that, the region’s relative compactness works in its favor.

How to Travel from Krabi to the Islands

The best way (and sometimes the only way) to travel to Krabi’s Islands and to Phuket is by Phuket Ferry. You can get the tickets online at

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