Biotin, which is also known as coenzyme R or Vitamin H is nothing but water soluble Vitamin B. Biotin supplements can do wonders for your body and your hair. However, it may harm your skin, if you do not know much about it or do not take precautions while buying it. Here are some important tips to help you buy biotin.

• Always use supplements that have been certified by a doctor. They are safer and more effective as compared to uncertified ones.
• Go in for supplements that were manufactured in the United States of America or Europe. There are many Chinese supplements that barely contain much biotin, but mark the bottles as biotin.
• Purchase biotin that is expensive. The real biotin never comes for a low price. A genuine bottle of biotin costs somewhere between $40 and $50. The price should be nothing less than this.

The Medical Benefits of Biotin

An American biochemist named Dean Burk was the one, who discovered the coenzyme named Biotin. He determined that without the coenzyme, the production of the essential body fats would not be possible along with the production of valine and isoleucine.All of these are important for the normal physiological functioning of the body. Foods that are rich in this bioenzyme such as peanuts and green leafy vegetables can also help meet the body’s daily needs. Deficiencies can however be a problem, if the diet is not rich in biotin or if the body of a person is not genetically designed to process biotin.

The Medical Science Behind Biotin and its Benefits

Being a coenzyme of the carboxylase enzymes,vitamin biotin side effect,biotinis important for the normal functioning of the body, including for the growth of the hair and for weight loss. Failing to get sufficient quantities of biotin from your food can result in serious consequences such as hair loss, etc. Women, who are carrying, are especially prone to biotin deficiency due to the variegated chemical anomalies that occur throughout their three trimesters. Biotin is therefore necessary for the regulation of the variegated biochemical processes. Pregnant women are however advised not to take biotin without the recommendation of the doctor.Biotin is also necessary for a healthy lifestyle and healthy hair that is vibrant and shiny. It is also necessary for the health of the nails, since it can easily repair any damage to the nails.

Is Biotin Effective for Weight Loss?

The truth is that biotin is not for everybody. It however works well for some people. The reason behind this is that it is difficult to nail down the exact relationship between biotin and weight loss.In other words, biotin can help turn the carbohydrates in the body along with the sugars and the fats into glucose. This reduces the likelihood that the foods taken in by you would be stored away as fats.However, biotin should be taken in proper dosages, since there are some side effects to using biotin.

What is the Proper Dosage for Taking in Biotin?

Most adults require only 30 micrograms of biotin every day. The dosage required for weight loss is much higher. Doctors recommend taking in at least 500 to 700 micrograms of biotin every day. Taking biotin beyond that would be harmful and cause side effects such as acne, bacterial yeast infection and skin irritation. For further information on biotin, watch biotin