Nowadays, organizations strive to fully automate their business process management. There are numerous solutions for it, some of them are free and suit even a small company of five people. Ten years ago, most of programs of the kind could be used only after their installation as client-server applications. Modern developers of BPM products have improved the deployment option, making it available on-cloud. This optimizes the work of system administrators by using the best practice of BPM – completely getting rid of the necessity to install the system. It is useful if there are many branches of your company widespread and you can’t have maintenance personnel at each end-point, e.g. in every small shop. It also gives you benefits of a “thin client” – the machine doesn’t have to be expensive. The server side makes no trouble for you because all the software and data is stored on a cloud.

State of art

Every year, the best BPM software is recognized by the Stevie Awards and it was no surprise that in 2016 they recognized the bpm’online platform, which was chosen from over three thousands other candidates. It already has numerous awards and this exact CRM system is one of the most used solutions for large businesses. The applications have simple interfaces and include a social network for the enterprise, which unites even remote employees into one team.

The platform has tools for every stage of business process management life cycle:

  • Design: The visual designer application, which lets its users create new processes and modify the existing ones.
  • Modeling: Create the models of the running processes of your organization.
  • Execution: Every step of the process is recorded.
  • Monitoring: The outcomes of the processes are visualized on charts and tables.
  • Optimization: The engine user can modify even the ongoing processes.

The complete set of business management software is available at

business process management Lifi-Cycle

Working with customers

The bpm’online platform also has CRM tools, which guide the customer through the entire sales process life cycle – from acquiring a new lead to repeat sales:

  • Marketing campaign manager – plans and organizes the lead generating campaigns.
  • Customer database – gives a full overview of the clients.
  • Sales manager – automates the sales process.
  • BPM products for analyzing data and making the reports

The CRM is used by more than 6 thousand mid-sized companies. You can visit the Wiki page to find out more about bpm’online.


As we can see, bpm’online platform has all qualities of the BPM system for both mid-size and large organizations. It is based on cloud, the application is online and doesn’t require any installation. It has ready process models and its users can quickly make any new ones. The processes can be changed in real time. The CRM solution provides for automation and control of every stage of customer relations – from driving attention via a campaign to selling your product. Due to its extensive functionality, the system is praised with numerous awards every year and has thousands of satisfied customers.