Selecting a brand name is not an easy task. In fact, it can be one of the most challenging tasks when you are setting up a business. Several factors that you need to take into consideration before you select a domain name includes the length, branding opportunities and SEO benefits. Overall, it is not a simple task. Ideally, you want to select a domain name that you can carry with you throughout the lifespan of your business. Furthermore, you should not spend too much time into selecting a brand or domain name.

How much time should you spend to Select a Brand Name?

Spending too much time into the brainstorming process of your brand name can take away much-needed time to building other important aspects of the business. So, how can an average business owner generate good ideas for a memorable, catchy and meaningful brand name? There is also more pressure on business owners to define their brand name using fewer characters. Most of the established brands have under nine characters for a domain name.

What are the Challenges for an E-commerce Entrepreneur to select a Brand Name?

Many e-commerce businesses brainstorm their brand names in hope that they can match it with the domain name for their website. However, this is a difficult task to accomplish because there is a diminishing amount of quality domain names that you can get for a reasonable price. Many of the .com domains which has one or two words brand names has already been taken up. This poses a special challenge to entrepreneurs today especially in the e-commerce world to brainstorm unique brand names for their business.

What Tools can E-commerce Entrepreneurs Use?

So, to help you get started to help you with your brainstorming process, there are several brand name generators that also function as domain name generators for your business. These are very useful for you especially when you are trying to find the right domain name or a personal blog, website or your startup. With many additional features that these brand name generator offers, you should definitely check out these name generators.

  1. Domain Puzzler

This is simple brand name generator with many options that you can explore. To start off with the use of this name generator, you can select the “easy” version and insert your keywords. Below the search bar, you will see multiple domain name extensions that you can select from. This is convenient for any business owners that want to filter the results based on domain name extensions.

Another feature that this name generator has is it allows you to input multiple keywords compared to just one or two that some brand name generators offer. Besides, you can also use this tool to compare the page rank of different domain names. The keywords that you input into the search bar of this brand name generator will be combined to provide you different variations in your result.

  1. Name Smith

For more flexibility in a name generator, you should check out this website. Start using it by entering your keywords or you can request for random names to be generated. The layout of this website is fairly simple to use. The results that this brand name generator will produce can be filtered according to language, word combinations, rhymes, prefixes and suffixes. Besides, this name generator will also allow you to filter results based on the top level domain names available similar to the name generator that we have discussed earlier.

Once you have found a domain name that you want, this name generator can also check the domain availability for you and help you to register it immediately. For those of you who are concerned with a the privacy policy of some name generators, this website guarantees that it does not exploit the information you provide them neither will they sell any of your data.


The process of searching for a domain name does not necessarily have to be a complex process. A wise business owner must use resources available to them such as a brand name generator to help them have more a steady stream of ideas.

However, while you are exploring options for name generators, remember to use more than one if you feel like you have not found a website that can generate satisfying results for you. In short, a brand name generator is very useful for business owners to have have more ideas which will lead to the selection of a quality and brandable domain name.